Rumours!COVID-19 outbreak caused by long-distance affair in Guangxi, burning vehicles?Fake!

2022-05-05 0 By

Recently, several screenshots of wechat chat record of “Xu xx, guangxi Baise Debao drug King, returned to Debao from Shenzhen to have an affair and triggered the COVID-19 epidemic” have aroused hot discussion on social platforms. Some netizens attacked Xu and called him “Debao Drug King”, etc. These comments have caused great negative impact.After investigation, the network spread the news is not true, xu so-and-so department back to the village to eat when many people infected.On February 7, according to the law enforcement news of @Baise police patrol, on the afternoon of February 5, a netizen “188” posted a video information online, the video content is a car burning on a road, smoke billowing, and nearby people watching from a distance to take photos.After the video was released, some netizens commented that the owner of the burning vehicle in the video was the first confirmed COVID-19 patient in Debao County. This comment was widely spread in wechat moments and social groups on February 6, causing adverse effects.After investigation and verification, burned-out cars is February 5 in baise city Long Lin jingxi town near large rural spontaneous vehicles on the road, the owner had to jingxi city fire brigade alarm, video reflected in the fact that is inconsistent with comments and debao county COVID – 19 confirmed cases of vehicles have been burned false information, at present, debao police have involved.The Internet is not outside the law, do not spread rumors.