Primary school students draw a vivid and interesting monster, popular on the Internet, netizens: God is chasing to feed food

2022-05-05 0 By

Primary school students like to imagine and use a pen to imagine the picture out.A primary school student in Jiangsu province has been fond of imagination and drawing since childhood. Most of his imagination is about monsters. After his mother shared his works online, the primary school student became popular.On January 23, 2022, a woman in Wuxi, Jiangsu province broke the news that the dark wind boy is coming. How about this style today?Long-lost mother graffiti son to change, challenge to change the painting is more fun.It shows the woman scribbling circles on a tablet computer before throwing the paintbrush to her son, who imagines and draws what he can.Before long, her son drew a picture on the basis of a few circles, it seems that a few circles follow one’s will, was simply painted by this pupil into a “masterpiece”, the net friend saw again and again amazed.One netizen said: The child has a gift for drawing and a strong talent for designing. He is really extraordinary.Another user who works in art said: “As a game art practitioner, I suggest my mother let my child learn sketching systematically. It is really a gift for such a big child to express volume with lines. In addition, his imagination is rich.According to the woman, her son, Xuan Xuan, was three years old when they discovered he liked drawing and encouraged him to imagine and create freely.The works she posts online are all original works by Xuan Xuan, who has not studied painting in particular but is now studying traditional Chinese painting.In order to give Xuan Xuan more time to create, she supervised him every day after he finished his studies. The rest of his time was at xuan Xuan’s discretion, and he spent all his time painting.Xuan xuan’s response to netizens’ love is simple: drawing makes me happy.About painting techniques, small front also never systematics, but I can see you from the works of xuan xuan, he is an imaginative child, and he also can a pen to draw out the things to think of myself, good at drawing, not many people can have a combination of these two kinds of ability, it is no wonder that net friend would say this is god chasing to feed xuan xuan eat.