High-ranked fighters are scheduled to fight, Zhang Weili’s next fight against the remaining opponent she can fight

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In November last year, zhang weili’s second round with Rose, many martial arts fans saw her progress and believed she could return to the top and win back the UFC belt.Rose next battle opponent, large probability is Esparza, Zhang Weili’s latest battle who, also let wufen people talk in droves.Zhang Weili from the current grass weight (52 kg) situation, Zhang Weili still ranked the first grass weight, the rest of the top several boxers have basically determined the fight.It would not be ideal for Zhang to fight lower-ranked fighters.And out of the rankings, there are two fighters who are good choices, andrade and Johanna.Both are former grass weight champions, andrade having previously moved up to flyweight (57kg) and out of the grass weight rankings.After a few fights in flyweight, Andrade did not win the championship, she decided to return to grass weight, many people are very looking forward to her and Zhang Weili’s second fight.However, Andrade’s latest fight has also been confirmed, she will be in April this year grass weight ranked 10th Lemos.In this sense, if Zhang Weili wants to challenge for the title as soon as possible, there is only one person she can choose, and that’s Johanna!Johanna, the “Queen of Aliens” from Poland, was one of the most outstanding women’s MMA athletes. She started her career in the standing combat arena, and then made the transition to MMA.In March 2015, Johanna won the UFC women’s grass weight (52 kg) belt over Esparza. In the two years since then, Johanna has successfully defended her title five times.However, Joanne lost her title by a KO to Rose in November 2017, and her form has slipped since then.After that, she lost again in the second battle with Rose.After two matches against Rose, Johanna played four more matches, losing two of them to Shevchenko and Zhang Weili.Joanna has not appeared in the UFC since losing to Zhang Weili in 2020, and she was removed from the official grass weight ranking.At that time, many wu fans thought Joanna might not participate in the UFC event again, but not long ago Joanna finally showed up, and revealed the next fight plan, she also called Zhang Weili in an interview with foreign media.Recently, Joanna once again interviewed by foreign media, and talked about her career against the most difficult opponent.Johanna has lost only three times in her MMA career to Ross, Shevchenko and Zhang Weili.”I think it was Rose. In the second match, she gave me a lot of trouble,” she said.Ross’s hitting is top class, very precise, very well-timed and very powerful.”In the interview, Johanna said there was another opponent who hit the hardest and considered her the toughest boxer she had ever fought. Her name was Valerie.Unlike the two fighters above, Trierweiler challenged Johanna for the belt in 2015 and lost by decision.Since then, Valerie has moved on to Bellator events, most recently in 2018.Johanna is currently training with Valerie at the same club.Johanna (left) Valerie (right) is now back in training and ready to go.Earlier, Joanna revealed that Dana wanted her to wait until around November-December to fight for the championship.But Joanna wants to return to the event as soon as possible, and her target hands, currently only Zhang Weili has not determined the opponent, so the two sides may also launch a second war!In a battle of two people, Joanna was Zhang Weili played beyond recognition of the scene, so far impressive, but from a recent interview, Joanna is still some contempt for Zhang Weili strength.I do not know whether the second war between two people can smoothly shape, if the future of this war can be determined, each warrior, who are you more optimistic about?