Why doesn’t Zhou Rong get divorced, the most selfish person in the world?Song Jia enters court to “urge divorce”

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The hit TV series “The World” has repeatedly been trending the search list and the topic of discussion continues to rise. One of the most pressing topics is when the daughter of Zhou Rong got divorced.Even Song Jia, who plays Zhou Rong, went to the stage to “urge her to get divorced” for countless times. It has already reached the point where the masses are waiting for divorce.Why Zhou Rong’s relationship with husband and wife is not optimistic is also because she lost herself in these close relationships.She paid a self-serving, self-righteous price for the closeness, but it didn’t end well.On the contrary, she has repeatedly hurt her family out of self-interest.She paid a self-serving, self-righteous price for the closeness, but it didn’t end well.On the contrary, she has repeatedly hurt her family out of self-interest.She paid a self-serving, self-righteous price for the closeness, but it didn’t end well.On the contrary, she has repeatedly hurt her family out of self-interest.That’s the ultimate reason why zhou rong’s character is so unlikable — she’s self-righteous and doesn’t think about anyone else, even her parents.In order to pursue imaginary love, Zhou Rong ran away from childhood, let CAI Xiaoguang take a letter to the family only, regardless of regardless of the opposition in the home rushed to feng Into the remote Guizhou Province, never come home from now on.It was not until four years later that the father felt sorry for his daughter and wanted to see how her life was now, whether it was good or not. He even decided that if the son-in-law was very good, they would go home together. It was true that the legs of the parents could not twist the arms of the children.But zhou Rong in the face of the mountains to let his father home, is what reaction?She strongly said that they will not divorce, if something, so cut off their family members.Chinese Spring Festival home, Feng Huacheng make things cause fights, was caught up and Zhou Rong immediately threw the boy throws outside the grandmother, his biological mother gas into a cerebral haemorrhage, poor own brother sister-in-law, also have to look after lying in a hospital bed’s biological mother, and have to look after the daughter Zhou Rong, poor to fan could not blow, afraid waste electricity.She herself studied hard in Beijing and was admitted to Peking University. Finally, after graduation, she was assigned a unit and a house, but still refused to take her daughter away…Egoism, become the most hotly discussed label on zhou Rong at present.This also proves from another side, Song Jia’s play, very good.She played zhou Rong saw for a long time have not seen the father, a time of emotion in my heart, is also with guilt and moved to hesitate for a long time before the sound: Dad.When she discussed the “principles” with her father, she became more and more indifferent and clear.It is easy to see that apathy is the forlorn undertone of the character.In her mother to see their own saved for many years of “gift”, that one and one of their own long forgotten red sweater, can not help breaking defense.From the confusion of seeing the red sweater at the beginning to the guilt of knowing the cause and effect, the emotions slowly progress, beating in the hearts of the audience.It goes without saying that Song Jia is a Chinese actress with good strength.Here in “The World,” she is an idealist, romantic and self-righteous woman, and everyone is tempted to poke fun at her.Next to “dress up”, she is temperament open complete, classic lines vigorous magazine deputy editor, versatile, dare to fight dare to fight.In another drama, she is zhou Rong, who teaches in a remote village.Not only is the scene and the way of change different, Song Jia is a play to create a character, each character laughing and scolding, are not the same, is worthy of the “drama cast face”.For example, the Shanghai mother with fashionable curly hair in Duck Prophet in The film “My Fathers and I”;In “Little Willing”, Nan Li, with her parents’ quarrels, daily necessities, sauces, vinegar and tea, has experienced doubts and struggles in life, and has the courage to try to interpret the collapse of adults.In fact, Song Jia is a straightforward person, who can afford to put it down and pursue a free life.If I feel tired one day, she sincerely says, “If I get bored one day, I will be especially honest and quit. If I don’t like it, I will go to play rock and roll.Is so free and easy, never by things outside the body.It is also said that Song Jia is not a popular actress, but she is very happy. She always wants people to see her performance, rather than her status as a famous actress.In the play, she is a character, in the play, more like a good friend, bring people relaxed and happy feeling.