Tighten the safety valve, build a “safe line” bingcheng police launched a pre-holiday fire safety investigation

2022-05-04 0 By

In order to ensure the city’s fire safety during the Spring Festival, prevent all kinds of fire safety accidents, so that the people have a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.From January 24 to 30, Harbin Municipal Public Security Bureau organized the city’s police stations to carry out the fire safety investigation special operation in the area before the festival, comprehensive investigation and rectification of fire hazards, to create a good fire safety environment for the general public to celebrate the Spring Festival.Leave no dead Angle Carried out large screen city public security bureau on storage, underground Spaces, as well as pension institutions, kindergartens, hotels, hotels, restaurants and other places of crowded, actively carry out fire control safety screening, focus on screen plugging exit, the evacuation passageway and fire safety equipment damage, expired, wire disorderly pull connecting, lumber and so on do not conform to the fire safety regulations, etc.,We will find and correct the weak links in fire control safety and supervision.Focusing on the key Made solid progress in view of the problems found in large regulation, city public security bureau issued the rectification notice, and urge the rectification, the required places, raise awareness, to carry out the responsibility, head of the fire security measures in place, especially for residential property service enterprise and community (village) of fire safety responsibilities of the residents committee to carry out supervision and inspection,To guide and supervise the strict implementation of the fire control management system and fire control safety measures, and effectively eliminate fire hazards from the source.Build atmosphere Launching the visiting city public security bureau at the same time of conducting screening regulation, focusing on community property, “nine small place” from personnel of course of the scene to carry out fire control education training, fire alarm, fire extinguisher use, evacuation procedures, improve defense ability to save themselves from personnel of course of study, to build “all focus on fire, all participate in the fire” thick atmosphere.Since the fire safety investigation special action was carried out, the city’s police station inspected 40,539 units and places, residential property service enterprises 1452, community (village) neighborhood committee 1918, issued the “Order to correct notice” 10247, found and ordered to correct 13115 fire safety violations according to law,Effectively eliminate the fire safety hidden danger, to ensure the safety of the masses to create a good fire safety environment.