The first expanded conference of yingke Shenyang Sports Center in 2022 was successfully held

2022-05-04 0 By

Sports can not only strengthen the body, but also help to cultivate healthy behaviors, develop good living habits and enrich the content of life.On January 25, 2022, the first expanded meeting of Beijing Yingke (Shenyang) Law Firm (referred to as “Yingke Shenyang”) sports Center of 2022 was successfully held in the multimedia conference room.Song Xiaofeng, director of sports Center, presided over by Song Xiaofeng, director of Sports Center, Li Ming, secretary General of Management Committee and Minister of Table Tennis Club of Sports Center,Deputy director of the sports center Yang Wei, secretary general Zhao Ruiqi, billiards club minister Tong Jian, riding club minister Li Dachao, golf club minister Xia Hui, chess club minister Qin Ying and e-sports club minister Wang Sihan and other club ministers and representatives to participate, Zeng Xiao Xue as a record.Attending the meeting of ministers of each club, Song Xiaofeng, director of the sports Center, and representatives of each club spoke in turn, summarized the work of the past year, and planned the construction and work of the center in the next year.Lawyer Song Xiaofeng emphasized that sports activities are a bridge of communication, which can promote links, enhance friendship and break barriers. At the same time, we should have brand awareness when planning activities, pay attention to sports risks and do preventive work in advance.Invited participants of this enlarged meeting, secretary of the communist youth league guest of Zhang Min, QingGongWei Ma Junlong and public relations, deputy director of career center and commercial center director of the world to attend the meeting, around the center work, hopes to play a greater role in sports center, accumulate more power, inject more vitality for development law firms.Centre and the secretary of the party committee, director of the Zhang Lifu pose the participants for the next phase of the sports center development views, opinions clash, thoughts of the collision, the warm atmosphere, and ultimately make five meeting resolution, to better promote the sports center and implement all the work to lay a good foundation.