Precise and meticulous service transportation department to ensure the Spring Festival return peak

2022-05-04 0 By

This year’s Spring Festival travel rush, transportation is facing safety and epidemic prevention double test.Jiangsu traffic department organization volunteers in traffic flow the entrance to a large trunk lines of the province, city, set up volunteer service point, propaganda and epidemic prevention knowledge, provide free face mask, hand sanitizer, such as epidemic prevention products, to provide convenient service, traffic query let past passengers feel warm, promote travel security, feeling and happiness.Sichuan’s transportation authorities have made two-way efforts to ensure smooth traffic and safety. They continue to carry out the “Safe Spring Festival Travel, Warm Hearts, Warm Hearts” service activities, set up convenient service points, migrant workers service points, provide guidance and consultation, epidemic prevention materials, vehicle rescue and other services, and “Warm hearts home” and “Driver’s home” within the area.We provide consultation, affordable package, rest, shower, laundry and drying, shared kitchen and other services.Zhejiang transportation department instructed Taizhou Highway and Transportation Management Center to set up a rescue service team to provide rescue services for epidemic prevention emergency vehicles and social vehicle maintenance.There are 45 rescue service stations in Taizhou, covering 9 counties (cities, districts) and Taizhou Bay New Area.Rescue services during the Spring Festival normal business, for the majority of owners to provide quick repair and convenient services, once there is a vehicle breakdown, the nearest rescue service point will be in the first time to the designated site for emergency repair operations.In Guangdong, all 28 newly built charging stations have been put into operation. This time, all 28 newly built charging stations are equipped with one machine and two guns for 160 kW quick pile filling. Each station has two piles, which can serve four new energy vehicles at the same time, effectively alleviating the contradiction between charging supply and demand of “one pile is hard to find” during major holidays.In the section from Kaiyang to Yangmao of Shenzhen-Hai Expressway, according to the large traffic flow, 4 piles per station are added to the charging pile configuration.(CCTV reporter Tang Ying) Source: CCTV News