New York University ED2 2026University of Chicago, JHU and other schools admission statistics

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On February 16th, NYU, one of the most popular schools for Chinese students to apply to, offered ED2 offers.In addition to NYU, a large number of American universities have completed ED2 admission. Today, we will continue to summarize the admission situation of Chinese students from ED2 admission schools.New York University (NYU), founded in 1831, is a famous comprehensive research University located in New York City, THE United States. It is also one of the largest universities in the United States.NYU has always been a very popular university in the United States, and the number of applicants has exceeded 100,000 in two consecutive application seasons.In 2022, NYU ranked 28th in the United States by U.S.News.NYU has world-class academic resources in philosophy, mathematics, medicine, accounting and finance, law, performing arts, computer science, and more.1 Shanghai run by a education: Beijing normal university experiment: 1 person wangfu school: one in haidian Kevin: 1 person in Shanghai real: 3 people: Shanghai peace 2 people of the affiliated high school of Shanghai jiaotong university: 2 Shanghai star river: 1 person Shanghai yue-kong pao: 1 person guru double: 1 person in Shanghai qibao Dwight: 2 Shanghai private yu: 1 person to Shanghai international studies outside the west foreign language school: 1 person in Shanghai Gao Guoji schools in the United States:1 2: shenzhen shekou international school of xi ‘an high-tech 1:3 people: jiangsu jinling high school 1 person changzhou bilingual affiliated middle school of foreign languages: 1 east Cambridge international school: 2 people in anhui hefei BaZhong: 1 person of shanxi yuncheng experiment: 1 person in shandong jining Confucius: 1 person experimental middle school in shandong: 2:1 person of shandong Qingdao 1 person hubei xiantao high school: 1 the second middle school of Qingdao:The University of Chicago, also known as the University of Chicago, is a leading private research university located in Chicago, the international financial center of the United States.At present, the university has 52 undergraduate majors, and one of its featured majors, digital marketing, ranked TOP 25 in Value College’s ranking in 2021.Uchicago’s inclusive and open spirit has enabled it to become a first-class university in the United States and even the world in a short period of time, and it is known as “the first American University”. Up to now, 96 Nobel Prize winners have been awarded, and 6 of them are still serving at uCHICAGO.The University of Chicago has made great achievements in various fields of academic research, including founding the famous Chicago School, discovering the link between cancer and genetics, and establishing revolutionary economic theories.The University of Chicago offers non-degree programs and diplomas.Under the leadership of Cohen Fermi, the “father of atomic energy”, the University of Chicago built the world’s first controllable nuclear reactor, the Chicago Reactor I, which opened the atomic age of mankind.Admitted this year: 14 last year admission: 57 mainland schools (14) fudan WLSA: 2 people Macao international school: 1 person Shanghai American school: 1 person jinan foreign language school international division: 1 person in Shanghai world foreign language: 1 person huarun trail bay bayside international school: 1 people in shenzhen middle school: 1 Shanghai school: 1 person in guangzhou bayside international school:1 1 person UWC changshu: guangdong country garden school: 1 person Shanghai star river: 1 person Beijing national school: 1 person admitted this year: 27 last year admission: 24 mainland schools (14) : shenzhen middle school 2 high ICC: 2 people, British international school in Beijing, one of guangdong country garden school: 1 person changchun American international school: 1 person Shanghai school:Beijing Normal University Experiment: 1Beijing 101 Middle School: 1Jin Zhongzhong Zhongmei Guangzhou Bethesis International School: 1Suzhou Foreign Languages School International Department: 1Beijing No. 4 Middle School:The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, founded in 1817, is a world-renowned public University located in Michigan, THE United States.The university has made outstanding achievements and has great influence in various disciplines. According to several surveys, more than 70% of the majors in the university are among the top 10 in the United States.For the class of 2025, Umich received 79,743 applications, 16,071 of which received offers, and 7,290 accepted.The university of Michigan at Ann Arbor has 1,377 undergraduate students from China enrolled for the fall 2021 semester, according to the university’s official website.As of writing, a total of 56 Chinese students have been admitted by THE University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in the 2026 ED2 admission phase, including 20 students from mainland high schools and 36 students from overseas high schools.Mainland high school enrollment situation is as follows: Shanghai peace: 1 high international: 1 the international department of Beijing normal university experimental: 1 person Beijing national school: 1 the Beijing Shi Guoji school: 1 high ICC: 1 person huarun trail bay bayside international school: 2 people in guangzhou bay bayside international school: 1 person shenzhen college of international exchange: 1 the peoples armed in English:3 Students from Li Ka-shing Middle School of Donghua Third Hospital: 1 Students from Hong Kong Hanji International School: 1 Students from Qingdao No. 2 Middle School: 1 Students from Chengdu Shude Middle School International Department: 1 Students from Hangzhou Foreign Language School Jiangao High School: 1 Students from Yangzhou Middle School: 1 Students from Shenyang Feiyue Experimental High School International Department:In addition to ED1 and EA, some schools also have ED2. The deadline is usually in January, which is a second chance for students who fail to apply for ED1.Students applying for ED2 should pay attention to one point: ED2 and ED1 are both bound admission, you must enroll after getting the offer, you must choose the school carefully.Generally speaking, the deadline for ED2 and RD is the same, so you must prepare the application materials in advance, not until the result of ED1 in December.The admission rate of ED2 is higher than that of RD. At this stage, ED2 and RD are basically carried out simultaneously.Therefore, want to grasp the dream school students, after the APPLICATION of ED1, it is also necessary to sprint again in ED2.Generally, the following categories of students are recommended to choose ED2. The score of ED1 is not very good. If you want to pass the last SAT test in December, you must apply for ED2.Students may not have been able to review well in the early stage, but they got good grades in December.If you are confident of your results, be sure to prepare the ED2 in advance.If students feel that they are likely to fail or be rejected when applying for ED1, they are also advised to apply for ED2.Sometimes we may leave ED1 to dream school in order to attack dream school.But if you judge that ED1 is likely to fail, then you must consider ED2, and ED2 also has a lot of opportunities, don’t be discouraged, just continue to sprint.Sometimes the same type of school, does not mean that this school rejected us, that school will reject us.The above is the ED2 release date of American universities collected so far, for your reference, the specific release date may be adjusted, subject to the notice of the school.