Morning tea, a cantonese food culture, this culture is the strongest place in Guangzhou

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China’s traditional food culture is very long, because of the different folk customs and climate, in the cooking is divided into a variety of schools, over time, the formation of China’s famous eight cuisines, namely Shandong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Jiangsu cuisine, Fujian cuisine, Zhejiang cuisine, Hunan cuisine and Anhui cuisine.Morning tea is a kind of Cantonese cuisine. If you come to Guangdong and a friend invites you to have morning tea, you should not think that it is pure tea. In Guangdong, tea is not only tea, for example, herbal tea is a soup made by decocting water with Traditional Chinese medicine.And the morning tea here, although also called tea, but not only tea, there are exquisite and rich snacks to match, known as “a cup of two drink morning tea, three packets of five points snack”.Therefore, drinking morning tea can also be interpreted as eating breakfast.But the breakfast was very dainty and elaborate.”One cup of two, three packages of five points” one cup is a cup of fragrant tea, meaning two pieces of dim sum, three packages of five points includes pastry, steaming point, porridge, fried and sausage powder and so on a series of exquisite dim sum.In Guangdong, drinking tea is also called “tan tea”, which means enjoyment. From time to time, the old and young family sit together to chat and sigh tea, and share the happiness of the family.Or about 35 friends on the teahouse pastime leisure time.Throughout the world, only guangdong people can make breakfast into a culture, and the strongest morning tea culture in Guangdong is in Guangzhou, known as “food in Guangzhou, taste in Xiguan”.Guangdong has a rich and colorful culture, among which the food culture is one of them. Cantonese cuisine is an important carrier of spreading Guangdong culture, and the morning tea culture is an indelible part.