Jiangyong fire protection: stick to the post to protect the lights

2022-05-04 0 By

Today’s Yongzhou news (correspondent Xie Wenbin Chen Pingcheng) Spring Festival, for most people, is a happy time for family reunion, is a warm and relaxed leisure holiday.But for the fire fighters, every Spring Festival is false and endless, combat readiness duty stick, they use hard pay, keep a party safe, protect the lights.During the Spring Festival, reporters came to jiangyong County fire rescue brigade interview.The team are checking their equipment for the road patrol.Every Spring Festival, the team will increase the frequency of inspection, to ensure that emergencies can be handled quickly.Tang Long, firefighter of Jiangyong County Fire rescue Brigade: The Spring Festival is one of the most arduous and tense periods. During the Spring Festival, we will strengthen our duty and prepare for war to ensure that every fire truck and every piece of fire equipment is complete and good to use, and keep ready for war at all times.Introduce equipment to reporters is county fire rescue brigade firefighter Tang Long, this is already he spent the fifth Spring Festival here.Every New Year’s Eve, he spends it in his patrol car.On the night of The Spring Festival, both the old and new players will bury their thoughts of their families in the bottom of their hearts. Although they will talk with their families, they seldom talk about their work.Lu Desheng, firefighter of Jiangyong County Fire rescue Brigade: This year is the seventh year THAT I have spent here. Although I can’t go home for the Spring Festival, I still have some expectation and pride to fight together with my brothers on the post and protect the safety of the people.Every Spring Festival, the station will organize a group to make dumplings, everyone eight immortals across the sea, each show his powers.Liao Jun, firefighter of Jiangyong County Fire rescue Brigade: Today I can eat dumplings made by myself and my brothers, and I feel warm in my heart. It is a happy thing.After a simple lunar New Year dinner, the team plunged into the next round of night patrol.This year’s Spring Festival, the county fire fighters all on duty, in the street patrol, key areas of fire inspection, fire preparation work, guarding the county people through a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.