1 confirmed case found in Longhai!Trajectory released

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Notification of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters of Longhai District, Zhangzhou City (2022) No. 20 one confirmed case of COVID-19 was found in Longhai District at 7 o ‘clock on April 1.As of 7 am On April 1, there had been one confirmed case and seven asymptomatic cases in Longhai district.The details are as follows: Confirmed case 1: Truck driver, living in Guotian Village, Dongyuan Town, Longhai District.On the evening of March 31, he entered longhai District expressway and was immediately sent to hospital for isolation and observation.The nucleic acid test was positive in the early morning of April 1, and immediately transferred to a designated hospital for isolation and diagnosis.Combined with the epidemiological history, clinical symptoms, imaging findings and laboratory test results, a municipal expert team consulted and confirmed a confirmed COVID-19 case (mild).The main activity tracks are as follows: in the early morning of March 26, they took part in activities in Tingli, Chihu Town, Zhangpu County, and qianhu, Liuao Town, and then went to other parts of the province.On March 27, she returned from outside the province and stopped at Fuan Service Area in Ningde city at around 13:20. After 19:44, she went to Huxi Township in Zhangpu County.At about 05:00 on March 28, we will spend about 3 hours in Ftan Town, Zhangpu County, and then go to other provinces.Stop at Fuan Service Area of Ningde city at 14:20 on the way.Return from outside the province on March 29;Stop at The Fuan Service Area of Ningde city at about 14:24;After 20:30 in Zhangpu County Zhaojiapu highway near the entrance, shentu town activities.On the morning of March 30, we went to Houjiang Village, Chendai Town, Yunxiao County, and stopped at Hanjiang Port Service Area, Putian City at about 13:00 on the way.March 31, return from outside the province, stop at The Service Area of Huyu, Xiapu, Ningde city at about 13:00;At around 19:00, abnormal body temperature was found at the longhai Dongyuan expressway exit, and immediately transferred to a designated hospital for isolation and treatment.At present, all close contacts and sub-close contacts identified by them have been tracked and controlled, and terminal disinfection has been carried out in all areas involved in their activity tracks.The track of activities outside the area has been notified to the local investigation for verification and control.If there is any overlap between the confirmed cases and the confirmed cases, please report to your village (community) or work unit and cooperate with nucleic acid testing, medical observation or health monitoring and other prevention and control measures.The general public is reminded to take further personal protection, wear masks, wash hands, ventilate frequently, maintain social distancing, and cooperate with relevant departments to do a good job in health management.Here to remind the majority of drivers friends, not necessary to go to high-risk areas.Zhangzhou Longhai District COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters April 1, 2022Attention!Zhangzhou city “Concentric anti-epidemic” theme essay competition has officially started!!Source: Lin Yini, editor of this issue, Chen Jing, group leader of this issue, Chen Yixiong, duty director, Longhai District, Zhangzhou City