Tuition: 120,000 yuan!Shaolin monk sentenced to 6 years for killing 7-year-old apprentice

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Every parent is looking forward to things, but a lot of times, the choice of parents for children is a childhood shadow nightmare, or study, and thousands of troops and horses crowded single-plank bridge, for children who do not love learning is simply torture, or learn martial arts, eat ten years of suffering, once famous, but the risk is very big.The boy was sentenced to six years in prison for the crime of negligent death. The boy’s family refused to appeal, arguing that the monk was guilty of intentional injury and demanded severe punishment.Little boy name is hao hao, jiangxi nanchang people, cheng hao hao’s father, said in August 2017, he took five and a half years old hao hao came to henan songshan shaolin temple XueWu from master monks sang one row within a spread out the kowtow rites, because hao hao was very small, cheng a don’t trust, let 15-year-old son has also worship the one for the teacher,They pay 60,000 yuan a year for tuition.But cheng a thought that is two years later, on October 8, 2019 in the afternoon, a sudden call swan said, hao hao to practice when the flip down now, make cheng hurriedly to the hospital look at dengfeng, cheng a immediately to henan, rushed to the hospital in the morning after, hao hao has been lying in the intensive care room, the doctor said child injury is very serious.Cheng couple see son, head haematoma, ask a exactly have beaten, a swan said, around 3 PM in the day, he took his hao hao, five people in the training, hao hao ran the two laps began to cry, he used a ruler played hao hao hand three times, and then do the 2 hour training, hao hao after a fall back, began to appear abnormal,He immediately drove Hao Hao to the hospital, and then informed Mr. Cheng.Hao hao mother know mulberry alarm after a beating behavior, some because of intentional injury, was 14 days in jail and fined 500 yuan, the same year on October 24, because a fraud being detained, and later because of the crime of causing death being detained again, one born in May 1990, is the anhui taihe county person, the shaolin temple is a monk.Sang was henan xinmi procuratorate prosecution, the charge book said, sang illegally recruited minors for martial arts training, training did not do the duty of care, did not take effective protective measures to hao Hao died, after identification, Hao Hao department head by external force caused by subdural hematoma died.Mr. Cheng’s lawyer believes that Hao Hao was taken to the locker room punishment, the body trauma, the identification center gives the opinion that hao Hao head injury is not fall, but in the locker room was beaten by mulberry, should be investigated for his criminal responsibility for intentional injury, Mulberry does not object to the charges.Court that an irregularity, the recruit students, at the time of training, the head injury identified can be hurt, mulberry one in training didn’t take effective protective measures to kill people, its behavior constitute the crime of causing death, for hao hao’s family claims of intentional injury, insufficient evidence to prove some belong to deliberately harm, January 30, the court ruled,Sang was sentenced to six years in prison.But hao hao family can’t accept such results, adhere to the appeal to punish a, more than two years time, spent 120000 yuan tuition, but let the younger son died, which parents can’t accept such results, and a lot of people blame the parents shouldn’t let such a small child to XueWu, actually there is no reason, XueWu is to early, as to the risk,Every parent chooses a different path for their child. What do you think of this accident? Share your opinion in the comments below!