Honor of Kings: Similar to league of Legends heroes, Tencent games a family

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Honor of Kings is a mobile game version of “League of Legends” launched by Tencent after the popularity of league of Legends. Many characters’ skills and passive design inspiration come from League of Legends. Honor of Kings and League of Legends are the same family, so there is no plagiarism, only reference elements.In Honor of Kings, many heroes are similar to the role skill setting and passivity of the League of Legends terminal game, and even the skill special effects have traces of LOL.Which heroes are similar to Honor of Kings and League of Legends?1, Arthur and Galen leave aside the attributes of Arthur and Galen’s skills, just the special effects of skills, there are striking similarities.Arthur’s one Skill Pledge and Galen’s Q skill both increase their speed and silence enemy heroes.The difference is that Arthur combines galen’s Q and W abilities with a shield effect.Second, Arthur’s second ability, Cyclotron, and Galen’s E skill, both deal sustained damage around themselves. Arthur uses a shield to cyclotron, while Galen uses the sword and continues to rotate with it to deal damage.The last is the big move, almost the same big sword, Galen does not need to jump in place, directly release the big sword from the sky to the enemy a fatal blow, Arthur’s big move holy sword ruling needs to jump in place, volley-fall behead, and the property of the big move is the lower the enemy’s health, the higher the damage.Musashi miyamoto is a warrior hero with no blue. In fact, miyamoto’s three abilities are similar to Yasso’s in league of Legends.Miyamoto has a spell that is similar to Yasso’s Q hurricane, and a spell 2 that is similar to Yasso’s E spell, both of which have a temporary displacement effect.At first miyamoto’s 3 skill was able to fly enemies and deal damage, while Yasso’s big move was that he had to cast it on flying enemies.3, the card and early judge dee dee renjie was with three CARDS, 1 skill card is playing hurt, 2 skills of yellow CARDS, and card W booking is stun the enemy, the card is independently choose the CARDS after two skills to launch properties, production by superposition of the cape three combo attack, after the combo will trigger the property damage.Dee’s big move is the same as the card’s Q skill, playing a pile of cards in the front sector, but the biggest difference between the two heroes is that the card is a magic output, while Dee is a physical output.4, Houyi and Aixi in addition to appearance and skills special effects and different attributes, the rest can basically be said to be copied aixi, big trick and Aixi big trick, with sputtering and fixed attributes.Aich’s Q skill increases attack speed and multi-shot damage just like Houyi’s multiple arrow skill, except that Houyi doesn’t have Aich’s third (E) skill, sight detection.In fact, there are many heroes similar to King of Glory and League of Legends. The king’s hero attribute and skill setting are all based on LOL, such as Lao Master and Jax. Lao Master can be said to copy the special effects and skill attribute of weapon master, and even passive attribute.There are similarities between zhang Liang and Malzahar, diao Chan and Ali, Lu Bu and Emperor Zi, Marco Polo and Lucian, etc.