Chibi City Xiongling village street lights, buses, wireless network coverage of the village, compact new rural construction to welcome the New Year

2022-05-03 0 By

Photo source: Shoujuan News Chibi Contact Center Photo source: Shoujuan News Chibi Contact Center Shoujuan News Flash:December 31 is the last day of 2021, which is also the traditional Chinese New Year’s Eve. On this day, every family in China is preparing to celebrate the Year of the Tiger. On the streets, everyone is more or less holding New Year’s gifts, with happy smiles on their faces.A “Happy New Year” opens the big prelude to the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger.In Xiongling Village, a new village under the control of Shenshan Town, Chibi City, Hubei Province, a table of rich food hung up the taste buds of reunion, the sky full of fireworks exploded the sky of the New Year, the new day is so happy stride forward.In recent years, the Chibi Municipal Government has included the construction of new countryside into the important government work plan. In 2021, under the national agricultural layout, the Chibi Agricultural and Rural Revitalization Bureau will be officially established.Under the unified planning of the municipal government, the relevant units of Chibi city further compact the pace of new rural construction.Shou Juan news learned;By the end of 2021, chibi’s new rural construction work has achieved important phased results with the lighting of street lamps in the new rural village of “Xiong Ling Village”, the opening of new energy buses in Shizhida Village and the full coverage of wireless network in the village.