A scenic spot in Sichuan province has become popular, with no commercial traces at 20 yuan and tourists calling it “I still want to go”

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Sichuan a conscience scenic spot is popular, tickets 20 yuan no commercial traces, tourists call: to travel is a let a person feel very happy, so more and more people have fallen in love with tourism, and even a lot of people have been walking on the road.In the process of traveling, we can also gain a lot of happiness and unexpected things, which will be our precious memories in the future.China has a lot of very suitable for tourism, each city has different characteristics, ancient town is one of them, now is also very popular, many tourists like to go to ancient town tourism.Today, we will tell you about a conscience scenic spot in Sichuan province. The ticket price is 20 yuan and there is no commercial trace. Many tourists want to go there after going there.This ancient town is tai ‘an ancient town, now many places of the town is more and more famous, so it also triggered the trend of archaize in some places.However, this trend will soon pass, because without sufficient historical background and rich cultural background to support, many ancient towns will become very commercialized, which makes tourists disgusted and the tourist experience will be compromised.However, although this scenic area in Sichuan province is also an ancient town, there is basically no commercial traces, and many tourists like it very much.Formation and the tang dynasty ancient town in the earliest time this week, it already has for thousands of years of history, in the ancient times here is also important arteries and many horses and chariots and a stream of people go through here, the position can be seen, but, over thousands of years, many of its buildings have been damaged, lost the old majestic.But then someone took a look at it and restored it, bringing this important old town to life.Once you get here, you’ll find that there are almost no modern attractions, not even places to eat.Not to mention some entertainment places, so the overall atmosphere is very good.The green SLATE at the foot is also very ancient feeling, especially in rainy days, holding an oil-paper umbrella is like crossing back to the ancient times.Besides, the climate here is also very good, especially in summer, the air here is very fresh and the average temperature is not very high, which makes it an excellent summer resort. Therefore, many people will come here to travel in this season.After you get here, you must try some local food. The first one is the lantern Shadow beef, which is a traditional local food. It is made of the sinews of the back leg of the cow.Do you have any different opinions about this scenic spot?