Collect annual salary 30W illustrator brush library, easy to use!

2022-05-02 0 By

I used to draw by feeling and craft, and later learned to be lazy to know that painting has to rely on brush!When I was practicing sketchboard illustration recently, I found a set of super full illustrator brushes from my illustrator master who earns 30W a year!In fact, the role of brush painting is still very big, many effects can be quickly realized through the brush, really save trouble!Let me show you what da Shen’s illustration brushes are!Like these rich sketching brush, drawing line draft effect is very good, and thin thick, with 2B pencil is very similar, use is also very smooth!This kind of drawing brush, as the name implies, is specially used for drawing and trimming, the two ends are pointed, the drawing is very convenient, there are all kinds of thick and thin models, choose the right one!19 brush magic, and the main color with, have a transition, thick coating, fold of color, and other various types of flat coating, some soft hard, each model is very useful, paint with them easier to not only brush and eraser, anyone who has actually draw long time know, painting is not only to brush with 6, more 6 eraser, many details of the transition,On the edge of the adjustment of all have to use the eraser, the eraser style a lot, how to use all good ~ brush a lot, in addition to these there are like skin, hair, skin texture, atmosphere, the scene and smoke, and so on, with the brush after my paintings efficiency is exponentially ~ do you have any favorite students, but this is photoshop brushes, if you were studying painting board illustration,Has packed a set of ~ need friends pay attention to my background private letter reply “666” get!