Binzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone No. 1 Middle School to carry out mental health education teacher training

2022-05-02 0 By

To further implement the provincial school epidemic prevention and control work conference spirit, accurately grasp the epidemic prevention and control under the background of the situation of school mental health education, strengthen the school mental health education work of pertinence and effectiveness, entrust the students’ mental health development in shandong province of shandong province department of education training center of school mental health education.In order to further strengthen the ability of campus mental health services and improve the level of campus mental health education, on March 27, 2022, all teachers of Binzhou No. 1 Middle School attended the special training on mental health education.This mental health training by Shandong Normal University Dr. Zhao Weiguo and other lectures.The training focuses on the maintenance of students’ mental health in the context of epidemic prevention and control, the work process (including ethics) of school psychological crisis intervention during epidemic prevention and control, and the rapid response of students to psychological crisis.In order to ensure the learning effect, all teachers will enter the online live broadcast room 10 minutes before the training starts and listen to the teacher carefully. Each teacher will provide screenshots and training experience that can show the teacher’s learning.The teachers realized that we should not wait until there is a mental illness to pay attention to mental health, and we should not wait until there is a psychological crisis to start the work program. To maintain students’ mental health, we should start from you and me. To maintain students’ mental health starts from science.Recently, the school has held 3 sexual mental health teacher training lectures, but also to the school students mental health questionnaire, the establishment of students’ personal mental health growth files.The first Middle School of Binzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone attaches great importance to mental health education, and actively promotes the scientific and standardized level of mental health education in the school.School teachers said to take this training as an opportunity to do a solid job in school mental health education, promote students’ personality sound education, escort students’ mental health, and lay a foundation for students’ lifelong development.Reporter Yao Xingbin correspondent Li Daoqiang reports