Wuhua County Taijiquan Association New Year speech

2022-05-01 0 By

Wuhua Tai Chi New Year speech Rui Niu old year, weihu welcome the New Year.The year 2021 full of passion has passed, and the year 2022 full of hope is coming like spring breeze.The New Year, a new beginning, let us be spirited, sail, seize the day, live up to the time!Back in 2021, five county tai chi chuan association, under the leadership of the county party committee county government, under the guidance of the competent unit, the enterprise unit and enthusiasts from all walks of life support, in this association organization cadre staff actively coordinate, in boxing, under the joint efforts of the friends of all members in the five county in 2021 taijiquan association is a cross leap year,Taiji team continues to grow, the technical level is also constantly improved, many times organized representative teams on behalf of the city and county to participate in the provincial and municipal competitions, achieved excellent results, good news, fruitful, awards, flags, MEDALS, trophies highlight the brilliant glory!We wuhua Taiji people, with efforts to forge ahead of the sweat and the spirit of daring to fight, live up to expectations, for Meizhou and Wuhua for the honor and feel proud!In order to popularize fitness qigong and Tai Chi national fitness, many batches of outstanding coaches have been sent out to train and teach fitness Qigong and Tai Chi for some organs, schools, enterprises and other units in our county, so that enthusiasts can realize the effect of tai Chi exercise to enhance physical fitness.Wuhua County Taijiquan Association, in order to promote the spirit of tai Chi, promote the national fitness for the purpose, in order to promote, promote, popularize Taijiquan has been any, in accordance with the goals set, actively implement the implementation of various work and activities, for our county to carry out fitness Qigong, Tai Chi has played a positive role and efforts to contribute!Thousands of miles of journey wind is going, thousands of troops in the task of sailing.In 2022, we Wuhua Tai Chi people, take a new journey, in the days full of sunshine, let us unite as one, work together, hand in hand to forge ahead, for our county to carry out fitness Qigong, Tai Chi national fitness campaign general write a new chapter!In the New Year, I wish you all good health, smooth work, family happiness and all the best!Wuhua County Taijiquan Association 2022.1.31