Longhu New Caliber announced sales in January: the contract sales amount attributable to shareholders’ equity is 6.99 billion yuan

2022-05-01 0 By

China network finance news on February 14: it is reported that Longhu Group published monthly sales data using the “attributable shareholder’s equity of the contract sales amount” this new announcement caliber, the past is the “contract sales amount.”Recently, according to the announcement of Longfor Group Holding Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Longfor Group, 0960.HK) in January 2022, the contract sales amount of shareholders’ equity is 6.99 billion yuan, and the contract sales area of shareholders’ equity is 418,000 square meters.In terms of regions contributing to the performance, in January 2022, the monthly equity sales in western China were 1.44 billion yuan, Bohai Rim 1.86 billion yuan, Yangtze River Delta 2.07 billion yuan, Central China 360 million yuan, and South China 1.26 billion yuan.Consistent with the past, the Yangtze River Delta, bohai Rim and western China are still contributing the most.