“Like” employee: Although laid off, they still like the “like” atmosphere

2022-05-01 0 By

There are many reports about the layoffs, but most of them focus on “capital radical, quick chain break, e-commerce SaaS, employee abuse” and other angles.Today, the author’s point of view is odd, we listen to a rare voice of the laid-off workers, he was laid off by white duck, still pretty good, don’t you believe?To have a look.Youzan is my favorite company when I was a worker. The atmosphere of Enjoy, smart young people, warm and lively team and so on have trained my ability to get results continuously.Excess layoffs in succession recently heard his former club, and feel sorry, indeed the whole Internet environment in decline, memory, with the aid of this platform, I overlooking the outbreak of the Chinese entire retail formats, 20 years new air explosive growth, as well as the live broadcast of the outbreak of the electricity, the new flow of electricity river regime, let me understand the true sense,What the Internet is, what it does, how to do it.20-21 years rapid growth, the growth of the share price + times to have a great push to the “Chinese Shopify dream, but I still have a profit profit ability, the businessman is retained, traffic exchange extrusion for survival scenario, the difference of Chinese and western consumers shopping scene, after-sales service, the core platform to rely too much on many problems, such as hanging over his head, on a recent morning,I turned over the “excellent founder’s Evening talk” that I had recorded for more than 2 hours and listened to it while soaking my feet. I still remembered the words of the white Crow:”In the whole China’s $10 billion market value of the company, I dare say that our team is a newbest founder, the strongest cohesion, personal small workshops from 10 to 5000 listed companies, a journey along the mountains, the founder of our entire team concluded a profound revolution in the friendship, we have a mature team, reproducible methodology,I still blindly believe that this is a strategic contraction in the great journey of Youzan. Awesome people will bring awesome team to continue to create awesome career.Quite QingQi Angle? Have a great last half annual report released in August is not bad, but a week later, the shareholders BVI cries in the sale. November low growth after the results came as a surprise to the markets, then appeared the board started to change. High-profile held on December 8 anniversary of the establishment of ecological conference, symptom appears no job cuts in January 2022.To the wide range of jobs, for many years before and after the big loss and the series of events, this indicates that there is something wrong with him, and the problem is not small. “if the rain roof leak, boat was broken when DaTouFeng”, for now blowing in the wind and rain have great white crow is, indeed, to the life and death.Of course, although there are many challenges in the transformation, I still hope youzan can successfully transform.