Lei Jun as the torch bearer of the Beijing Winter Olympics: it is a great honor that I will never forget

2022-05-01 0 By

Today is the fourth day of the Chinese New Year and the official opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.On the morning of February 4, the Torch of The Beijing Winter Olympic Games was carried in the Summer Palace. Lei Jun, as a representative of a technology company, participated in the Torch relay of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.A total of 97 torchbearers will complete the 6.182-kilometer relay along the route of Zhichun Pavilion, Wenchang Pavilion, 17-arch Bridge and Jade Belt Bridge. Each torchbearer will cover a distance of 63 meters. Lei Jun said after the relay:”Running from the depths of history to modern prosperity, though the route is not very long, is like an epitome of the great revival of Chinese civilization, which makes my heart swell.””This is an unforgettable moment and a precious New Year gift,” Lei said on his Weibo account immediately after the torch relay.At the same time, Lei jun also posted the Beijing Winter Olympics torchbearers’ id no. H1326 and a hat with the Beijing Winter Olympics logo.At the same time, Lei jun said in an interview: “Today is the start of spring, in this symbolic day of a new start as a torchbearer to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics torch relay activities.When I lift the Olympic torch, I feel that I am holding the hot dream and confidence and the expectation of a bright future.It is a great honor to carry the Olympic torch in Beijing.”