How about a delo door?The pro test is worth choosing

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Some time ago, the new house is ready to decorate, I think the whole house custom furniture and moving door, than their own design, material to save trouble.But saw many brands are not very like, or the style is too multifarious, or the craft details are not too good.Later, WHEN I visited my friend’s home, I learned about Raumplus Delu. My friend said that it was a German high-end whole house customized brand with good quality.The furniture of their home and move the door is to look for de Lu custom, until now seven or eight years have not broken, and the design style is also the minimalist wind that I like very much, so there is no too much hesitation to settle.After doing a good job, I am very satisfied, especially moving the door is very advanced, is entangled with how to move the door, good friends can come to see my share.How about a delo door?Large size makes indoor pattern more comfortable the bedroom space of new home is bigger, lie between a cloakroom to come out also won’t show crowded.So I plan to partition with move the door, can raise dimensional utilization rate, still can increase connect a gender.But my bedroom span is relatively large, and the size of the door is very high. I also consulted several brands before, but they said it was not easy to do.Delu single sliding door can reach 3500*1800mm of large size, but also according to the characteristics of my home space design scheme, very good to meet my needs.The moving door of my bedroom is Delu aluminum frame moving door S1200, the door frame is aviation grade magnesium aluminum alloy frame, 12mm narrow frame design, feel very texture.And it has a height of 3500mm, plus glass core, you can pass to the top, very good separation of the bedroom and cloakroom, but also not crowded.With simple design style, a look is very transparent and spacious, especially good-looking, the effect is better than I imagined.How about a delo door?High quality lets use more lasting set one’s mind at should know move the door the most important still is hardware, especially pulley, decided its use fixed number of year not only, still can affect our daily use experience.Inferior roller skating, long time easy to wear, stuck, and sometimes accompanied by noise.But I installed the de Lu door is not this trouble, after all, I have done my homework before installing.Delu’s pulley is their independent research and development of the patent, bearing part of the use of cylindrical ball bearings, through this kind of bearing can reduce the friction of the sliding door, sliding resistance is smaller, at the same time, metal material bearings, bearing is also stronger.And the roller part is a composite polymer material, the inner layer is high strength nylon material, can provide support strength;The outer layer is teflon material to reduce friction damping on the surface.The roller of this kind of material, in use can bear the heavy moving door fan already, also quite mute.I tested it a few times when it was ready to go. It pulled and pushed smoothly, didn’t crunch, and looked good.Our home in addition to the bedroom cloakroom, kitchen and toilet also installed de Lu’s moving door, I am to choose the glass inner core, permeability is particularly good, especially to the sun at the right weather, the whole home looks bright and comfortable.Still in the tangle of how to move the door, good, might as well go to understand, is absolutely a good choice for quality home!