Chinese Consumers association review the Spring Festival ticket prices high: pure dependence on ticket prices would be a drain fishing

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Zhongxin Jingwei February 15, 15, China Consumers association released the Spring Festival consumer rights protection public opinion analysis report (hereinafter referred to as the report).In response to the public opinion that “the most expensive Spring Festival in history, ticket prices are ridiculously expensive”, the Chinese Consumers’ Association pointed out that the simple dependence on ticket prices is nothing but draining the fish and drinking dove to quench thirst.It is reported that the China Consumers association used the Internet public opinion monitoring system to conduct online big data public opinion analysis on the relevant consumer rights protection situation from January 31, 2022 (New Year’s Eve) to February 7, 2022 (the seventh day of the first month).Data from the report showed that during the eight-day monitoring period from January 31 (New Year’s Eve) to February 7 (the seventh day of the first lunar month), China Consumers’ Association collected 11,765,503 pieces of information about “consumer rights protection” related to the Spring Festival, with an average daily amount of about 1.47 million pieces.During the monitoring period, the information curve of “consumer rights protection” fluctuated little, and the number of daily related public opinions was relatively balanced, with the highest number of 1,794092 on February 7 (the seventh day of the first lunar month).During the monitoring period, 1,572,495 pieces of “teasing” and “consumer rights protection” information were monitored through the public opinion monitoring system, accounting for 13.35% of the total amount of “consumer rights protection” information.According to the monitoring results, consumer ridicule during the 2022 Spring Festival mainly focuses on the first three aspects of the four hot consumption scenes (travel, shopping, leisure and entertainment, and dining).Among them, due to the variety of forms of entertainment and leisure scenes, consumption teasing is directed at multiple industries, and the hot topics mainly focus on movie watching services and fireworks setting off, which partially coincides with the problems that consumers teasing during the Spring Festival of 2021 (amusement facilities, movie watching services, online games and fireworks setting off).Data from the report showed that 278,137 pieces of negative information on traffic trips were collected during the monitoring period, with an average of 34,767 pieces per day.Public opinion information was more concentrated on February 6 and 7 (the sixth and seventh days of the first lunar month), and the topic mainly focused on the problem of traffic jams on expressways.In terms of online shopping and retail, 232,686 pieces of negative information about “online shopping and retail” were collected during the monitoring period.The number of negative messages increased with an average of 29,085 messages per day. The number of negative messages reached its peak on February 7 (the seventh day of the first lunar month).In the leisure and entertainment scenes, public opinion ridicule is mainly reflected in two aspects: movie ticket price and fireworks setting off.In terms of movie ticket prices, data from the report showed that 205,819 pieces of negative information about “movie” were collected during the monitoring period. Daily public opinion ridicule was mainly directed at ticket prices. The general trend of public opinion was low on both sides and high in the middle, and related negative information reached its peak on February 3 (the third day of the first lunar month).After last year’s Spring Festival ticket price was widely mocked, the average ticket price of this year’s Spring Festival has hit a new high, with many consumers who are willing to watch movies turning away from the high ticket price.According to the analysis of consumers’ Association, from the heat of public opinion expression during the Spring Festival this year, the pain points and blocking points in the hot consumption scene are still reflected in the contradiction between consumption demands and supply quality that cannot be accurately matched.From the perspective of the internal motivation of public opinion gathering, the problem of consumption ridicule fully shows that the systematic and continuous promotion of consumption upgrading needs to be continuously accelerated and improved from both macro and micro levels.At the macro level, first, the construction of credit system in the consumption field still needs to be continued and further promoted.Second, hardware input in supply of consumer services and upgrading of management quality still need to be accelerated.At the micro level, one is how to balance the contradiction between profit path dependence and consumer perceived satisfaction, which requires continuous research and exploration in relevant industries.The report points out that behind the hot public opinion on social media about “the most expensive Spring Festival in history and the ridiculously expensive ticket price”, the rising demand for cultural consumption has been suppressed and blocked to some extent.The report analysis, the movie market excess screen and content of the shortage of structural problem, epidemic fluctuations and policy implications of a variety of reality challenge, forcing the theater by raising ticket prices ease the plight of cash flow nervous, from the point of view of industry short-term losses may be able to understand, but attendance is generally reduce the fact, viewing frequency falling,But that simple fare dependence is nothing less than a drain fishing, drink dove quench thirst.The Association said that it is necessary for relevant industries and departments to continuously study and explore the balance between the dependence of cinema’s profit path and the reasonable bearing range of consumers, and seek the benign interaction between the long-term healthy development of the industry and the upgrading of cultural consumption.Second, how to balance the contradiction between efficient and convenient operation management and personal information protection, relevant platforms need to take effective measures as soon as possible.According to the report, the customer service staff of Shanghai EdISol Fashion Co., Ltd. took out their anger by ordering wreaths instead of others because of unsatisfactory telephone communication.The platform deducted points and recovered the shop management right for 7 days, permanently suspended the ordering account of the employee involved, fired the employee involved and made a public apology. Although a series of measures reflected the decisive sincerity of the platform and the business to deal with public opinion, but how the evil idea in the mind of the employee involved could become a reality is more worthy of attention and vigilance.China Consumers association believes that customer service personnel can arbitrarily access member address, perhaps just for the efficient and convenient operation and management, but the gap of personal information protection is also born from this.The platform can encrypt the member address, which shows that it is not difficult to block this hidden danger technically. Whether the relevant commitment can be implemented as soon as possible and widely promoted, as well as the concerns and expectations of many consumers, the platform needs to take concrete measures to respond.(Zhongxin Jingwei APP)