A: congratulations!Sydney daughter announced love, hugging her boyfriend is too sweet, the man bearded like Xu Shaoqiang

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On Valentine’s Day, Xu Yingkun, the daughter of Chinese actor Xu Shaoqiang and his ex-girlfriend Sherry, announced their relationship on his social media account, prompting many friends to leave messages congratulating him.’Let us be grateful to those who make us happy, who are charming gardeners and make our souls blossom,’ Xu wrote.Happy Valentine’s Day, my soul mate!And finally, art with her boyfriend.Along with the announcement, she posted four photos of the couple together.In the photo, she posed in a red and white sweater, with her hair tied up in a bun to reveal her smooth forehead.Her skin fair, looks like xu Shaoqiang and Sydney, shape is quite outstanding.Her boyfriend, dressed in black, is not very impressive, but he has a stubbly beard and is very manly, and looks like Xu Shaoqiang.They hugged each other tightly, face to face, smiling brightly, looking very sweet, can feel the strong love across the screen.Now 34 years old Xu Yingkun, has been a career for many years, in the past many films and TV plays, but the development is mediocre, we always can not call her name, only know that she is the daughter of Xu Shaoqiang Sydney.Disheartened, she retired from the entertainment industry to become a teacher.However, after a period of silence, she found that she still loved life behind the curtain, so she came back.Before that, she worked in the Mainland on costume dramas with her father Tsui Siu-keung, her aunt Michelle and her brother Tsui Wai-tung.Career twists and turns of her, love life is relatively low-key, into the line for so long, only with TVB male star Aojiannian gossip, the two have been photographed together for dinner, but has not been confirmed by both sides.Last year, Xu appeared on TVB’s “Kaiyun King” with his mother, and the two played a game to draw kaiyun tokens.Xu Yingkun drew in the “peach transported, handsome boy report”, coincidentally, Sydney drew in the “true congratulations, soon happy”.Li Ju – Ming smile, do not know why she will have joy, quick embrace grandson!This made both mother and daughter very happy, and it was obvious that they were looking forward to some happy event at home.After a year, Xu Yingkun really spread good news, found his prince Charming.A check of his social media accounts revealed that he was a full-time musician, the lead singer and guitarist of a band, and loved rock music.In fact, before Xu yingkun announced their love, the man had posted his girlfriend’s beautiful photos and group photos on his personal social media account from time to time.Earlier this month, he shared a visual photo of his boyfriend, smiling sweetly and apparently happy.Five days ago, he posted a cute black-and-white photo of him and Xu Yingkun, one holding a camera and the other with a cute pout.Finally, wish Xu Yingkun and the other half in the future, continue to love each other!