Some advice from friends who are going to open a marinated restaurant

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(1) Site selection depends on whether there are many people living within 1 to 2 kilometers.Keeping shop is a food shop, belonging to the community, such shops radiation does not exceed two kilometers, strictly speaking, most of the radiation is a kilometer keeping shop business, so a kilometer community foundation determines your business within the bottlenecks, such as a kilometer of the total number of households in 3000, even if your taste first-class, at best, can only be sold to around 3000 people,This is your ceiling, of course, this is not absolute, it is easy to make a famous restaurant, if you do a good marketing, make a famous, it does not rule out the whole city people will drive to buy, then your radiation radius, may be five kilometers ten kilometers.(2) There is a big difference between home lo mei and leisure lo mei site selection. Home lo mei, the taste of the popular is relatively light, suitable for packaging to buy home meal and wine belong to the dinner, men and women, young and old can eat, large sales, home lo mei choose vegetable market, business and super district entrance and exit.Leisure lo mei is generally eaten as a snack, not to eat dinner, taste heavy greedy, so the general quantity is less, the price is expensive, leisure lo mei generally choose station, university town commercial street.(3) The store can be small, but it is better to be wider. Even if the taste product of stewed dishes is also a visual product, attractiveness is also key. When you pass by the street and see the neatly placed elbow chicken feet, will you be tempted?Therefore, the purpose of requiring the store to be a little wider is to make the marinated dishes have a good display surface, and the ingredients are full of customers’ eyes and make them move. Therefore, the marinated dishes store does not need to be too deep, but must be wide.(4, to light decoration, the simpler the better, you just began to start a business, there is no money to do surface effort, can not afford to spend, secondly, taste is the key, do not waste energy on store decoration, consumers buy your things is not your decoration grade, but the taste to stay people, that decoration is not installed?Want to decorate of course, but want light decorate simple, clean and neat can use, the purpose is to install the effect that you want with the least money.(5) To avoid competitors and make differentiated products, no matter how big the pie is, it is not enough to eat. According to data monitoring, 600 households can feed a brine restaurant, so count how many peers there are in places you like, and how is their business?Are they saturated with the categories they do?If the player is too much, you want to retreat, not young guys, if this position is indeed the market is very big, and never, it should be differentiated competition, others sell bath chap, you sell salad, others sell salad too much, you can sell for now, others sell for now, you can sell pot pot chicken, want to know to avoid the sharpness, one less homogeneity opponent you twice as much revenue.