On February 12th | early know about xinjiang

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Fireworks party: Good news!On the 15th of this month, Changji city will hold a fireworks party, and on the same day, Mulei County will also hold a series of lantern riddle guessing and Lantern Festival activities.2, free open: attention!Attention!From February 10 to March 15, the Chrysanthemum Terrace scenic spot is open to everyone for free. If you want to visit, you can make an appointment in advance.3, old community: friends living in the old community in Shihezi, from March 15, will start to renovate the old community, and will ensure that the construction starts on this day.4. Re-opening: Good news, the activities for the elderly in Yumin County will be open on March 18 next month, so that the elderly will have a place to play again.5, report reward: during the Spring Festival, a road in Shihezi was hit, and the owner also fled, the scene did not find clues.Here, Shihezi to collect clues, if you have witnessed before, so the report will be rewarded.6, national flag transmission: really good, in this Winter Olympics, tacheng a guy participated in the Olympic flag transmission!It is understood that the boy is studying in the Central University for Nationalities.That’s all I have to share today, hoping it will help you.