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Starring Ho Ho Chen and Tsai Fanxi, Taiwan fantasy comedy “The Two Or three Things about my Bathtub” is adapted from the popular Japanese manga of the same name and will be aired on Feb 6.The story is about CAI Fan Xi played the edge tools of high school students Zhao Longjie, in the only family grandpa died, thought would be so lonely for a lifetime, but inexplicably played by he Haochen sea small overseer “beautiful male fish” Li Renyu to tangle, Li Renyu love to eat love to get into trouble and love, also forcibly occupied the bathroom!In order to find a way to send Renyu back to the sea, they have to spread out a period of 49 days of secret cohabitation, with a paragraph of absurd and cured growth process.The cast also includes Liu Zhuping, Wen Qingyu, Zhang Shuohang, Hong Zhixian, Xia Jingting, Tang Zhiwei, Ke Shuyuan, Lu Mingjun, Lin Meixiu and so on.