“How much lucky money did your grandma give you?”Grandma to save face routine grandson, children answer educated

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My mother has seven brothers and sisters. I remember when I was a child, before receiving New Year’s money, I could always see three or four aunts get together to discuss how much New Year’s money to give us, and then the remaining elders would follow the same amount of money.If the amount of money is different for the same role, the person who pays less will feel guilty and take us aside to make up for it.Don’t underestimate this detail, if not handled properly, it may affect the friendship between you.”How much lucky money did your grandma give you?”Grandson lu lu paid his grandmother a New Year’s visit on the first day of the lunar New Year and received a red envelope of 200 yuan.After coming back from grandma’s house, grandma took advantage of lu Lu mother is not, hurriedly close to grandson, secretly inquired: “your grandma gave you how much New Year’s money?”It’s not hard to understand grandma’s feelings. She brought up her grandson by herself and felt that the child should be close to her.Children can be pure, this time certainly who give New Year’s money more he said who is good, the kindness of the past temporarily can not remember.I don’t want to lose to grandma on the last day after years of dedication and time.Grandma cares about face, afraid that in case of their New Year’s money is less, grandson should say grandma.So, had to set a routine grandson to inquire about the situation.Grandma wants to keep her children happy, but she doesn’t want her status to diminish in the eyes of her grandchildren.A small gift money contains a great deal of worldly wisdom, but children do not understand ah, simply telling the truth may make people cool.Grandson answers are educated, love is more important than money at the age of six or seven rodents, although the age is not big but polite talk, his reply does not affect the grandma’s mood.Lulu replied, “I didn’t see how much money was in the red envelope. I knew she loved me as much as you do and would not mistreat me.”But grandma was so concerned about the result that she continued to ask, “What about red envelopes?Bring it here and I’ll count it for you!”Lu Lu took out a thick pile of money from the pocket, playfully smiling face to say: “I put all red envelopes together, you count, just help me count the total number!”Unexpectedly, grandma “way” more than difficult, began to interrogate Lu Lu “who give you lucky money?””Did you get a 500 or a 1,000?”That’s when you’re ready to do your math…Lulu pretended to be angry and said, “Oh, my mother always taught me not to value money too much. Love from others is more important than money. Be grateful!So don’t haggle over every ounce!”Grandma walked away in shame.New Year’s Day to receive New Year’s money, children do so will appear very educated received New Year’s money children, all very happy, but we should also pay attention to avoid causing unhappy to others.When children receive red envelopes during the Spring Festival, they will be praised as “educated”.After you receive a red envelope, say “thank you” generously, and then quickly put it away, or give it to your parents for safekeeping, and the matter is over.Do not run to other partners in front of curious ask: “hey, my 200, where is yours?”Talk more will lose, in case more than others, will cause some people very embarrassed.Do not compare with each other who received the most New Year’s money children get together, and at the same time receive New Year’s money, so there may be a situation of comparing with each other to see who received the most.Such things can be understood in ordinary times, children are competitive.But don’t forget that people are close to each other, so it’s normal for the amount of lucky money to be different. If it’s exposed, it’s not easy to end up.Don’t say in front of the elders another person gave himself how much New Year’s money have encountered such a situation, I gave a child 100 yuan, he said the sentence “received the first 100 today”……I am ashamed of myself.Lu Lu’s practice is very educated, not only do not say, even grandma asked up can carry on the tact answer, for each other to retain the face, provoking love.Have you ever been asked how much lucky money you received?What did you say?Welcome to exchange.