A series of Treatises on Zhang Shengli’s Philosophical Thoughts

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Cultural long March founder Zhang Shengli Chinese philosophical thoughts (43) collected in Zhang Shengli’s philosophical thoughts series monoographs “Avenue I XI”.Kang Qingzhuo recording collation Xue Jinyin recording culture long March founder Zhang Shengli Chinese philosophical thought vertical and vertical (43) collected in Zhang Shengli philosophical thought series monoographs “Avenue I XI”.Kang Qingturi recording culture Xue Jinyin recording culture Long March founder Zhang Shengli calligraphy works Culture Long March founder Zhang Shengli calligraphy works “is that disciples do not have to be as good as the teacher, the teacher does not have to be good at the disciples, smell the way has successively, the technique has specialized in, and so on.”This is a phrase from the Korean book “Teacher S Talk.”But he is the first to put forward the so-called daotong of the people, he said: “Meng Ke division son think, son think of learning, cover zengzi.Since Confucius did not, the group of disciples all have books, only Meng Ke’s handed down its school.”He himself regarded himself as the successor of Mencius, and said humbly, ‘Han Yu is not as good as Mencius. Mencius could not be saved before his death, but Han Yu only wanted to be perfected after his death.’Is that modesty?In the first year of Yuanfeng (1078), Han Yu finally met the song Shenzong, who liked to give titles to people. He conferred on Han Yu the title of “Bo of Changli” and allowed him to worship Confucius temple and enjoy cold pig’s head meat.He inherited mencius’ doctrine, but Mencius first put forward the theory of good nature, while Han Yu put forward the “three qualities of nature”. Some people defended Han Yu, saying that the essence of Han Yu’s theory of good nature was Mencius’s theory of good nature.If it’s the same, why give it a name?Why not explain the goodness of nature?Han yu against Buddhism, with “theory of Buddha bone table”, requests to Buddha bone burned, but in its on the classification of “doctrine”, it can be divided into top grade, in the article, low grade, also is in, the fool, and between the three between intelligence and the fool, and others, to defend him said it was inherited and Confucius in the fool’s idea of, in the buddhist “recorded in the north,” said.”The upper wisdom searches for itself; the middle wisdom asks for others; the lower wisdom is dazed.”The upper wisdom view is the bodhisattva bodhi, the middle wisdom view is the edge of bodhi, the lower wisdom view is the sound of bodhi.How is this different from Han Yu’s theory in terms of classification?In addition, During the Tang Dynasty, Han Yu was living in a time of great Buddhism, and the doctrine of true teachings of Buddhism was extremely popular at that time, as evidenced by the contents of “Five Lanterns Hui Yuan”. He used this to throw out his doctrine of Taoism, which was purely taken for granted and nonsense.However, the later Confucian scholars of song Dynasty not only accepted it gladly but also promoted it vigorously and found a starting point for attaching the label of Taoism to themselves.Looking back at Mencius, in fact, Mencius was the first to put forward the relationship between the Confucian tradition. He said, “From Yao and Shun to Tang, from Tang to King Wen, from King Wen to Confucius, they are each over five hundred years old.It is nothing to be near the house of a saint.”This kind of expression is nothing more than he wants to express such a message, I am the successor, Confucianism orthodox, except mencius all are heretics.Mencius’ self-boasting and self-proclaimed orthodoxy aroused dissatisfaction from Xunzi, which was also a reason for Han Yu to support Mencius and oppose Xunzi.To Zhu Xi is more ridiculous, he thought zhou Dunyi, two cheng inherited Mencius, and he inherited Zhou Dunyi, two Cheng, he should be Confucian orthodox.They really know how to make room for themselves, don’t they?In fact, it is not hard to find that every time someone rementions the inheritance relationship, their purpose is to justify their own name, so that they can become a legitimate inheritor of Taoism, and eat cold pork.This kind of story made up at random by the Confucian system is very serious and grand.On the surface, it is academic thought, but in fact, behind it is a struggle for interests. Only by making themselves orthodox can they point fingers at others and point fingers at others, so that their academic thoughts can be spread aboveboard.The Master said, “You must correct the name.A bad name is a bad word.”Stress that before doing a thing, first to establish a name, division out of fame, this is not a family does not enter the same house!After determining their identity, they will be a teacher, preaching, about the way of sages, the way of ministers, do the emperor, in order to achieve Confucius, Mencius as an official dream, but also the United States to carry forward the so-called Zhou Li, so many benefits, why not?Zhang Shengli’s works include The Auspicious And Ruyi Sutra, The Great Perfection Sutra, the Bright Moon Shining on a Thousand Rivers, the De Dao Sutra, The Avenue I Xi, and The Great Journey.