With 50,000 tubes tested daily, Shanghai has a “gatekeeper at the West Gate”

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With outbreak suddenly sounded the horn of a wide range of nucleic acid detection rebound in Shanghai from test center firing again in the test center is located in minhang district hua cao town new hongqiao medical park of thousand wheat medical test so the ability to check the 50000 tube in each test center of the city nucleic acid detection capability are among the best in all personnel enter as bear the hongqiao international airport, minhang district, the isolationThe hotel and community hospitals are centralized nucleic acid testing centers, where more than 50,000 nucleic acid samples are tested every day. It is no exaggeration to call the Qianmai Institute the “gatekeeper of the West Gate” in Shanghai’s epidemic prevention and control.On January 13th, five people with abnormal test results were reported in Shanghai.According to Zhang Guowei, head of qianmai Medical Inspection Institute, since the moment of notification, qianmai medical inspection institute has entered an emergency epidemic state.”On the same day, a large number of nucleic acid samples were delivered. By about 10 PM, more than 50,000 nucleic acid tests had to be completed, five times the usual workload.””Inspectors come in at 8am and don’t come out of the lab until 2pm for a bite to eat.Everyone came out of the lab with strangulation marks on their faces and necks and hands white with sweat.But no one cried tired, just thinking that this is a race with the virus, hurry up to get the test results, so that the people feel at ease.”Zhang Guowei said.Laboratory test specimens continue to arrive, in the face of a sharp increase in the number of specimens, at this time the detection staff configuration, biosafety and reagents supplies and other material reserves are particularly important.How to complete the detection task as quickly as possible while ensuring the accuracy of the detection result?Qianmai testing laboratory “preparedness” is the key factor.”Our lab made an emergency plan in July last year, and the detection personnel holding PCR certificates were trained in groups to improve the ability of mobile nucleic acid detection in actual combat operations.The personnel who passed the rotation training were divided into the COVID-19 test group and the routine test group. Under the condition of ensuring the normal operation of the routine test, the nucleic acid test force can be flexibly and adequately deployed. Even in the face of the surge of nucleic acid samples, the personnel of the two groups can be deployed at any time to complete the test task efficiently.”Each “24 x7” behind them to ensure that “no risk at all,” qian mai medical institute, 50000 volume tube, wear full protective clothing and virus “engages in hand-to-hand combat” staff at the risk of infection in detection, due to recent surge test sample, they work for the longest time and even reached the 12 hours, day and night nonstop test specimens.As the rebels who face the virus directly, the inspectors must carry out three-level protection before entering the laboratory every day. They must concentrate on the operation, from inactivation, nucleic acid extraction to amplification detection, disassembly and handover, and every step of the procedure needs to be 100% rigorous.In order to promote virus detection and identification speed, reduce the risk of virus infection, testing of thousands of wheat medical examination center to further optimize the test procedure, complete samples with some intelligent instruments auxiliary inspector, after manual with nucleic acid reagent need packing 12 times to complete the operation, time-consuming, laborious now use high-throughput automation pipetting station instead of artificial,It can not only accelerate the detection speed, reduce human error, but also reduce the contact between laboratory personnel and samples, and reduce the risk of direct infection.In order to ensure all new crown screening before and after the Spring Festival work smoothly, qian mai medical institute through the inventory with lab usage forecast demand, will be during the festival the reagent consumables and other supplies reserve already reserved, and set to arrange personnel rotation every day during the festival, lab machine non-stop, normal to carry out the routine inspection and new crown project,Fully respond to the inspection needs of returning home, returning home and resuming work and production around the Spring Festival.Since March 2020, As one of the first third-party independent medical laboratories in Shanghai to conduct NUCLEIC acid testing for COVID-19, Qianmai Medical has been undertaking nucleic acid testing in key areas such as hongqiao International Airport, more than 20 isolated hotels in Minhang District and 14 community hospitals in the district.And summer in Shanghai universities back-to-school nucleic acid detection and full closed on December 8, east China normal university nucleic acid detection and so on increase of mass screening activity, millions of people use the “final” meticulous testing data and professional ability, guarantee of the city of nucleic acid testing requirements, full-time guarding Shanghai “western” side.