The transaction volume of Zhejiang e-commerce platform is expected to reach 9 trillion yuan

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Since 2021, the central government has made a series of deployments on anti-monopoly, preventing disorderly expansion of capital and promoting the standardized and healthy development of platform economy. As a large province of platform economy, what specific measures have Zhejiang province taken to promote platform economic governance through digital reform?On January 26, the zhejiang provincial government under the rule of law construction (2021-2025) to the implementation of the program “news conference, market supervision bureau of zhejiang province, deputy director of the king of wu answered related questions, the king of wu said that since 2021, zhejiang around” in the whole advancement and promote fair competition and regulation innovation at the forefront on promoting enterprise competitiveness “goal,Has to “establish a sound platform for economic promote healthy sustainable development platform of economic norms of governance system”, “network catering one thing integration reform” and “the implementation of intellectual property rights (ipr) protection chain integration reform” to “lead a launch whole body” significant reform, and continuously introduce the economic regulation and network platform catering management two “20” policy advice,The provincial Intellectual property Protection Conference was held at a high standard to promote the overall wisdom of platform economy.First, the online “Zhejiang fair online”, innovation platform economic wisdom supervision.Focusing on 12 types of illegal activities of platform economy, such as “choose one from two” and “sell below cost price”, the company makes full use of Internet technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence to timely find and eliminate risks and hidden dangers through whole-network monitoring, risk perception, data portrait, intelligent analysis and closed-loop disposal.At present, the system has covered 415 major e-commerce platforms in China, monitored 670 million items of commodities, found and disposed of 22,000 pieces of risk information, and registered and investigated 6187 clues.We urged the platform to put 35,000 pieces of goods on the shelves, standardized and rectified 2,451 stores, and significantly reduced the risk of illegal activities in the economic field of the platform.Second, the development of “Zhejiang takeaway online”, to achieve the overall wisdom of the network catering.Relying on the digital platform, through the platform, business, kitchen, distribution, rider and case handling management and other business scenarios, innovative network catering digital “whole process control, total factor management, the whole society co-governance” comprehensive governance model, to achieve a major innovation in network catering governance.Since its launch, a total of 118,000 sunshine kitchens have been connected to the province, covering more than 85% of the province’s businesses with orders. Sunshine special areas have been opened on meituan and Ele. me platforms, with more than 4.8 million visits from consumers, and the online catering consumption environment has been significantly improved.At the same time to improve the rule verification mechanism as the entry point, promote the protection of the rights and interests of riders and traffic safety governance, riders traffic violations decreased by 11.9% year on year.The third is to develop and launch “Zhejiang Intellectual Property Online” to build the protection pattern of e-commerce field.Sixteen departments, 48 systems, provincial, city and county ipr protection core departments, more than a hundred arbitration organizations, mediation organizations “should be on the top.”It has set up an online case handling area for administrative rulings of patent infringement, taking the lead in the “Internet +” online case handling system for administrative rulings of patent infringement disputes in China. The parties stay in one place and the whole process of block chain is solid, reducing the case handling cycle by more than 30% on average.At present, the online system has 58,000 registered users, with more than 2.4 million visits.Since 2021, Zhejiang has mediated and handled 87,133 ipr disputes in the field of e-commerce, and 20,177 inter-provincial dispatching cases.With the continuous improvement of the platform economy competition environment, the standardized and healthy development of platform economy in Zhejiang has gradually formed.In 2021, the online transaction volume of the province’s e-commerce platform is expected to reach 9 trillion yuan, which will remain the first in China.There were 1.13 million new enterprises, individual businesses and online stores in the province, up 41.8%.The transaction volume of zhejiang’s online store on the platform exceeded 2.3 trillion yuan, ranking second in China.In the next step, Zhejiang will continue to thoroughly implement the series of decisions and deployment of platform economy made by the Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee, take digital reform as the traction, optimize the whole chain supervision of compliance in advance, in-process review and post-execution, and form a dynamic and orderly supervision system and platform economy ecosystem.We will continue to take the lead in promoting fair competition, regulatory innovation and enterprise competitiveness.”Please do not reprint without permission”