Mediatek’s global debut of new technology, 24 times faster than WiFi6, marks the countdown to the elimination of broadband

2022-04-27 0 By

Mediatek will make another great contribution to China. As the most widely used wireless network, wifi has become a necessity for consumers at home, but the transmission speed and security has always been a problem.Now Mediatek has launched the world’s first wifi 7 technology, which is not only 2.4 times faster than wifi 6 but also aims to replace limited networks.Not only does it make you wonder when we’ll be able to use this technology, but what wifi 7 will do better than wifi 6.Nowadays, with the popularization of the Internet, WIFI technology can be described as the most widely used wireless network transmission technology, which can not only convert the limited network into wireless signals, but also cover a wider range.Provide Internet support for mobile phone, computer and tablet devices, and no longer have to stick to a network cable.However, it is such a technology that benefits the country and the people, but there are a lot of dirty disease, the first is the security of wifi technology is not as powerful as wired Internet, many criminals with the same wifi phishing, stealing access account password information cases are numerous.Secondly, wifi technology is not as good as wired Internet in terms of data transmission speed and stability. Nowadays, wireless network is almost necessary in people’s homes, but sometimes people can obviously feel that the network is very slow, and even suddenly there is no signal. This is also because the data transmission medium of wifi technology is air.In the limited Internet connection mode, data is transmitted through wrapped cables.Air transmission is disturbed by far more factors than cable transmission, which is the root cause of wireless network speed up and down, the occasional interruption of the problem.In addition, technically speaking, wifi belongs to half duplex while wired Internet is full duplex. Simply speaking, full duplex can receive information and send information at the same time, while wifi technology can only select one item for execution.However, with the continuous development of communication technology, wifi technology is also being quickly filled up, especially China’s Mediatek is the first to spread good news.Just a few days ago, Mediatek conducted the world’s first live demonstration of wifi 7, demonstrating the technology’s ultra-high speed and ultra-low latency to core customers and industry partners.It is understood that compared with wifi 6 technology, the transmission speed and latency of wifi 7 technology have been greatly improved. According to the measured results, mediatek’S wifi 7 technology has reached the maximum speed defined in theory, and the data transmission is faster than wifi 6.4 times.And the reason for the big improvement is that wifi 7 is based on 2..The introduction of 4g Hertz, 5g Hertz and 6g Hertz as the main frequency band and the introduction of 3,200 m Hertz 4Kqam modulation technology is a sincere gesture.Mediatek doesn’t have a definitive figure for wifi 7 technology, but it looks like the peak speed of wifi 7 will reach 30 GBPS.Most importantly, wifi 7 technology is expected to replace wired networks in broadband applications.In the future, this technology can be used not only in AR/VR but also in cloud gaming and 4K video calling.In this way, the elimination of broadband has entered the countdown stage. It is worth mentioning that considering the advent of the era of smart interconnection and the increasing number of smart devices, Mediatek has integrated multi-link operation functions into wifi 7 records and greatly enhanced broadband.In fact, Mediatek has been actively involved in the development of wifi 7 standard since its birth. This is why mediatek is in a leading position in the industry in many aspects, as proved by the global debut of wifi 7.Mediatek is also likely to be the first to launch wifi 7 in 2023.In your opinion, mediatek will become the leader of the wifi technology circuit.