Hunan University of Technology: Warm New Year at home

2022-04-27 0 By

Visit the students and overseas students.Rednet moment January 31 – (correspondent Tan Shanqi) “On New Year’s Eve, teachers will not only accompany us to stay in school students to eat dinner, but also for us to prepare a wealth of activities, accompany us to spend the New Year together.I spent two years in the army, but I was deeply moved to spend this year at school.On January 30, Chen Shiqiang, a student majoring in accounting at the school of Economics and Trade at Hunan University of Technology, said.The student, from Xi ‘an, was encouraged to “stay on campus for the Spring Festival” because of the epidemic.”During my stay in school, I was preparing for the postgraduate entrance exam next year. I reviewed during the day and insisted on 100 push-ups and sit-ups every night.”Chen Shiqiang will stay in school life to enrich regular arrangements.This year is the fifth Spring Festival for Wu Di, an international student from Hunan University of Technology from Uzbekistan, who came to China. “Our school remembers us on every important festival. This year, we have prepared red envelopes, New Year’s Dinner and New Year’s Eve activities for us again.The enthusiasm of the school made me feel warm in a foreign land.”It is reported that hunan University of Technology has made great efforts to “spoil” its students and international students in order to make them feel at home during the Spring Festival.The leaders of the school attach great importance to and care for the students, and re-emphasize the deployment of key work during the winter vacation to ensure that teachers, students and staff have a safe and peaceful holiday.On the morning of January 14th, Hu Changchun, deputy Secretary of Zhuzhou Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of The Political and Legal Committee of Zhuzhou Municipal Party Committee visited the school and visited foreign teachers and students.From January 15 to 28, university leaders Tan Yimin and Jiang Changbo led a team to carry out epidemic prevention and control and safety inspection during the winter vacation. They visited teachers, students, staff, students and overseas students to learn about their study, life and needs in detail, and sent Spring Festival greetings.Working together to provide heart-warming services.The student works Department, research and Engineering Department and logistics Department arrange dormitories for students who stay in school, charge electricity and provide hot water in advance, do a good job in environmental disinfection, building management, check water and electricity routes regularly, distribute epidemic prevention materials, take temperature tests and check health cards every day, and provide healthy and comfortable study and living conditions for students who stay in school.The school of packaging materials, electrical, mechanical, etc., goes deep into students’ dormitories to provide care in various forms, such as material aid, Spring Festival condolence, psychological care, so that students can feel at home at school.It is understood that on New Year’s Eve, the Student Work Department and the International Exchange Office also prepared rich New Year’s Eve dinners and special programs for students to warm up the New Year.