GongHuo?Us military sends most advanced fighter jets to Germany, says to ‘bolster NATO defenses’

2022-04-27 0 By

The US Air Force Reserve Command said on Monday that it had sent f-35 fighter jets to Germany to “strengthen NATO’s defense”.The F-35s were sent to Spangdalham Air Force Base in Germany along with pilots, maintenance and support personnel from a number of active and reserve FIGHTER wings, the Hill reported Tuesday.The F-35A Lightning II is the nation’s most advanced fighter aircraft, capable of a variety of missions to “deter invasion operations and defend Allies if deterrence fails,” the MILITARY said.In addition to the F-35s, the US is sending eight F-15es to Poland.Recently, the West continues to hype the news that Russia will “invade” Ukraine.The US Department of Defense announced Thursday that it will send additional troops to Europe in response to the tense situation along the Border between Russia and Ukraine.Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grushko said that the US decision is a “destructive step” that will increase military tensions.(Original title: Arch Fire?The US military has sent its most advanced fighter jets to Germany, saying it would “strengthen NATO’s defences”.