Kamen Rider Revice23 words foretold Mirage master usher in a whitewashing moment to fight for super spicy curry rice

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Kamen Knight revice related to the 23rd word of the trailer officially revealed and public, the overall development trend and the plot trend is still very interesting and gimmicky, after the disappearance of a hui, Mirage master seems to usher in the moment of whitewashing, for super spicy curry rice battle!Yihui and Vice use the new plug-in gear roller seal, but they don’t expect that the appearance after the transformation is completely different from the usual, only the dark Kamen Rider Revi, and after the transformation is lifted, there is only one person standing there — Vice.For the change of a hui disappeared, came to Kaki ordered vice not to act arbitrarily, do things to pay attention to principles and basic rules, but now there is no restriction of a hui, vice completely no binding, announced that a person to enjoy completely rare free time, his own khaki away from too to run.However, Vice did not destroy and disturb the social order as a weirdo. Instead, he went to play games and play tai Gu master. Sophomore and Sakura tried to stop Vice, but it was a pity that they could not stop the naughty boy.On the other hand the root to add and aquino layla seized the opportunity, targeting the sophomore and sakura, lost the fai and vice as bodyguards comedian combination, for fear of attack so afraid to go out, nature also can’t work well, like this, you will be fired firm, was forced to extremity agent makoto doesn’t know what to do,And at this time of a hui where in the end?The trailer also features a mysterious character, who at first glance appears to be Philip’s mother. It looks like a vice costume.Or is it someone else?Let’s wait until the rest of the story is officially revealed.This text forecast did not say and is one of the core and key information, mirage master it seems to be washed white, mirage dropped so long time, I finally come on stage again, this time should be standing on the side of justice, in order to protect the sakura, can’t, don’t work hard, there is no sakura limited version of the super spicy curry rice to eat,Mirage master can successfully wash white, is also gratifying to congratulate, just SHF hand do notice also came out, the official must be intentional.