Can improper diet stimulate vitiligo relapse?Eat less of these three vegetables in spring

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In the usual daily care, if the diet is not careful, it may stimulate vitiligo, resulting in the spread of its spread.Especially in the spring with high incidence of vitiligo, due to the unstable state of white plaque, it is more susceptible to the stimulation of the external environment.In addition, the awakening of spring increases the stimulation factor.So vitiligo patients in spring should pay more attention to care, these 3 vegetables, vitiligo patients in spring to eat less!1. Leek leek belongs to hair, and its vitamin C content is high.These are not conducive to the recovery of vitiligo, and most of the patients with vitiligo in spring are not stable, and are more susceptible to the influence of external adverse factors.If the consumption of too much easy to affect the condition of leuplecta, vitiligo spread, adverse to treatment.Spinach is rich in vitamins and oxalic acid, which can irritate the skin and cause itchy white spots.In addition, it will also affect the body’s absorption of copper, and the reduction of copper content will directly affect the activity of tyrosinase, resulting in the reduction of melanin synthesis.In the diet, vitiligo patients are not suitable to eat spinach.3. Cilantro vitiligo patients in the diet to avoid food rich in vitamin C, because vitamin C will inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, thereby reducing the synthesis of melanin.The vitamin C content contained in cilantro is much higher than that of ordinary vegetables, and the average person can meet the human body’s demand for vitamin C by eating 7-10 grams of cilantro leaves.Therefore, patients with vitiligo should eat less cilantro on the diet.Warm tips: the human metabolism speeds up in spring, and the promotion of microcirculation helps the human body to fully absorb drugs.At this time, patients with vitiligo do a good job of daily care at the same time, with the active treatment of doctors, contribute to the treatment of vitiligo, help compound color.