Why is temperament made with money?The father’s heroic words, praised the world sober

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Now raise children cost money, food and clothing are small, children’s education is the most expensive, for example, which children do not report several interest classes?Interest classes cost tens of thousands of dollars a year, and the wages of mom and dad will be filled in with a few interest classes.Mother wants to give her daughter dance interest classes, father does not agree, was praised the world sober dance girl temperament is good, it is estimated that many parents think so, so many children began to learn dance from a few years old.However, dance is not so studious, need to adhere to learning for a long time, there is also some children if not standard learning, but also very easy to hurt.Kindergarten gate, a dance art school teacher in advertising leaflets, Lin Lin mother led the child walked past, the teacher looked at Lin Lin said: “the child’s congenital conditions are too good, you see her fingers how long, calf is also long, the child’s body proportion is too suitable for learning dance.”Linlin mother listened to a little heart, she will come to the teacher’s name card, and then took the children to the car.She and driving husband discuss: “not equal to us to the child newspaper a dance class, that teacher said, Lin Lin has the talent of learning dance, and learning dance can also improve the temperament of the child.”Linlin’s father asked: “How much is this dance class?”Mom looked at the leaflet and said, “The cheapest one is 20,000 yuan a year.”Linlin father said: “or don’t report, temperament this thing is money pile out.”This father’s words, suddenly got a lot of net friends affirmation.Some net friends said, now children to learn dance, piano, eloquence, which all said that can improve the child’s temperament, the poor children but “can not afford” this temperament.It has also been said that temperament is made up of money, and this is true.No matter what our children learn, as long as you are a poor child, temperament is not.You see, those rich kids, the parents behind them are their aura.”Temperament is made up of money”, this child’s father probably has two meanings. One is that children spend too much money to improve temperament. It is not worthwhile to spend a lot of money to learn dance simply to improve temperament.Another implication is that parents should try their best to make money, because the wealth parents earn for their children is the foundation of their children’s life.Many parents need to consider whether their children should enroll in a certain interest class.Because the children around are trying to learn a variety of talents, skills, so as parents we are very anxious, afraid that their children will fall behind everyone.The father is not going to let his daughter learn dance because he thinks it is not worth the effort and expense to enroll her in interest classes to improve her temperament.The child should not be enrolled in interest classes, parents can consider and choose according to these points.When choosing interest classes, parents should respect their children’s choice.There are many parents to give their children the interest class, are very sorry, because the children learn not long to give up, a waste of time, money and energy.In fact, this is also the characteristics of young children.Children love to play, can not stick to one thing for a long time, if the child is not interested in things, he will have no motivation to stick to learning.Therefore, the first standard to choose interest classes is whether the child likes them or not. Parents must not impose their will on their children.Parents should not enrol their children in too many interest classes.There are many parents, art is not pressure body, children to learn some skills, is his future to deal with the fierce competition of capital.But the time for children to learn is limited, if we give our children a lot of interest classes, the child’s free time is too little, it will be very tired, but also easy to produce the idea of weariness.Only by combining work and rest can children improve their learning efficiency and grow up physically and mentally.Interest classes should be selected according to children’s age characteristics and personal circumstances.Many parents, out of educational anxiety, give their children not suitable for his interest classes, but on the contrary, the growth of children is very unfavorable.Take learning dance as an example, some children are too young, improper practice dance injury, some even lifelong disability.We choose interest classes for children to the appropriate age and sensitive period of learning, in order to achieve better results.Parents should examine the qualifications of interest classes, choose regular interest classes.As a means of profit for businessmen, there are many substandard interest classes, whether the site of interest classes has security risks, whether the interest classes have business qualifications, and whether the teachers who teach the courses have relevant qualifications and so on.Choose all aspects of the more standardized interest classes, we can rest assured to send children.Interest class is to cultivate children’s interests and hobbies, parents do not have too strong utilitarian mind, keep an optimistic attitude.1. 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