Today’s game guide | Gu Ailing leads the 4 will play

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▲ Gu Ailing will compete in halfpipe qualifying.Six gold MEDALS will be awarded at the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 17 in Nordic combined, ice hockey, alpine skiing, figure skating, speed skating and freestyle skiing.In the highly anticipated women’s figure skating free skate, The performance of Russia’s Three children is likely to determine a place on the podium.Gu, who already has one gold and one silver, will also compete in women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing qualification.Freestyle skiing 9:30-11:10 Women’s Halfstroke Qualification Hot spots: Gu Ailing, Siirdaru (Estonia), Zhang Kexin, Li Fang Hui, Wu MengHalfpipe is also seen as the most promising of her three Olympic events.Gu’s halfpipe track record includes gold MEDALS at the 2020 Youth Olympics and last year’s World Championships, as well as four World Cup victories this season, ranking no. 1 in the world.Gu has already won the gold medal in women’s platform and the silver medal in slopestyle in the Beijing Winter Olympics. Both of her victories came in the last round of the final, showing her strong ability to adjust and fearless attitude in the face of danger.Gu Ailing already has one gold and one silver in hand.Since entering the Competition in Zhangjiakou, the Frog Princess has attached great importance to halfpipe skills.After qualifying for slopestyle, she rushed to the halfpipe with leek zygotes;After winning the silver in the final, even though she had to face the world’s media attention in the mixed zone and press conference, she could not stop a quick bite of steamed stuffed bun and then went straight to halfpipe training.Gu has said that she wants to do the best of her planned moves in each match, and halfpipe is the same.At the same time, her grandmother to the scene to watch the war gave her more motivation and inspiration.The other three Chinese players, Zhang Kexin, Li Fanghui and Wu Meng, will also have to fight bravely for a place in the final.▲ Valieva tops the women’s short program.Figure/xinhua figure skating 18:00 – no popular women’s singles the free player: wali she, cher backus Eva, she given Russia’s Olympic team in figure skating on the dominance of women’s project, the games of the “three Eva” early in the morning is considered booked a podium position, only the suspense is one of the three girls eventually MEDALS colors.Valieva has been allowed to continue competing in the women’s singles despite the doping scandal and suspension of her mixed team gold medal.On the evening of 15th, the women’s single short program, Russia’s “three children” collective appearance, Valieva in the case of mistakes, still got the highest score of 82.16 points, nearly 2 points higher than the second place Serbakova, it can be seen that the “hexagon warrior” is not empty.Trusova was fourth and Hanori Sakamoto of Japan was third.However, it is widely believed that Russia’s three children will still win the podium after the free skate, as long as there are no major mistakes.After all, “three children” overall difficulty reserve, almost no opponent can fight.The capital stadium on this day, 3 girls will undoubtedly bring an upgraded version of the visual feast.▲ Serbakova ranked second in the short program.However, according to the International Olympic Committee, not only will there be no medal ceremony for the mixed team figure skating event during the Beijing Olympics, but there will also be no medal ceremony for Valieva if she wins a women’s singles medal.K-po, who is not yet 16 years old, was visibly affected when she cried bitterly after her performance.They may not make it to the podium, but even if they do, the girls will show off their free skating skills in the highest halls of the Winter Olympics.Source: Beijing News Duty editor: Zhang Yuan Responsible editor: Hu Birong Chief Editor: Zhao Jing Final Review: Shen Li, CAI Xiao, Tang Yin, Yu Jie, Tao An Sweep code to join the audience concern ↓