The Publicity Department of henan Provincial Party Committee and the Journalists’ Association of Henan province sent New Year’s greetings to journalists stationed in Henan and the whole province

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On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the Publicity Department of Henan Provincial Party Committee and the Journalists’ Association of Henan Province have sent a letter of condolence to the journalists in henan province, extending sincere greetings and best wishes to the journalists who have been devoted to their duties and fought side by side in the past year.Central and provincial journalists: Law back in the spring gradually, vientiane began to renew.On the occasion of the change of the year order and the approaching of the Spring Festival, the publicity Department of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Journalists’ Association would like to extend sincere greetings and best wishes to the journalists who have been devoted to their duties and fought side by side in the past year.I would like to express my high respect and heartfelt thanks to the older generation of journalists who have made positive contributions to henan’s news work.Brush and ink keep pace with The Times.In the past year, we celebrated the centennial birthday of the Communist Party of China and witnessed milestone events in the history of the Party and the country.We solemnly celebrated the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), held the sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, adopted the third historical resolution, launched a study and education campaign on Party history, and embarked on a new journey toward the second centenary goal.Central in henan and the province’s journalists closely around xi new era Chinese characteristics socialism, carefully planning publicity xi jinping visited henan series general secretary, launched ‘entrust in mind Along the general secretary to guide the direction of ‘project such as column, fully implement the publicity of the general secretary of the important speech mental upsurge, reflecting the henan remember entrust,Striving to realize the practical results of opening a new bureau and composing a more brilliant chapter of the Central Plains in the 14th Five-year Plan;Centering on the centenary of the founding of the CPC, the central media in Henan went to Lankao, Xinxian and other places to interpret and publicize jiao Yulu spirit and Dabie Mountain spirit in the new era from multiple perspectives and levels, comprehensively showing the new outlook of economic and social development and the people’s happy life.With a focus on party history education, the program “Study Party history with the General Secretary” was launched, and “The Red Spiritual Spectrum” was “just in its prime for a century” was broadcast more than 3 billion times online.Practice has proved that the journalists in our province are a politically competent, highly skilled, realistic and innovative team capable of winning the battle, and a team trusted by the Party and the people. It fully demonstrates the political responsibility of the party’s journalists and public opinion workers, and constantly strengthens and strengthens the strong mainstream public opinion of unity and endeavor.The microphone speaks with the people.In the past year, we completed the great undertaking of finishing building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and moved with high spirit towards the second centenary goal.Hundreds of millions of people in the Central Plains bear in mind General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions and forge ahead with one heart and one mind to write an even more brilliant picture of the Central Plains.Journalists stationed in Henan and the whole province recorded this magnificent struggle and vivid scenes, and produced a number of excellent works with high transmission rate, great influence and strong appeal.Reports on “Tracing the Original Aspiration of Central China” and “Watching Henan along the Highway” and “Walking into the Yellow River” have made new achievements. Works such as “Xiaokang Avenue” and “Chinese Festivals” series have flooded the Internet and screen.In particular, under the severe situation of repeated epidemics, the majority of journalists fought continuously to rebuild the image of henan’s “hardcore” epidemic prevention, interpreting the persistence of journalists with the posture of “going against the tide”, recording the latest developments and conveying the power of hope.Footsteps with Henan counterparts.This year, the 11th party Congress of Henan province established the grand blueprint of anchoring ‘two guarantees’ and’ implementing ten strategies’, and the modernization of Henan construction took a firm step.The central and provincial journalists focused on the practice of Henan in the new journey, which reflected the major measures of henan taking innovation as the logical starting point of development, constructing songshan, Shennong and Yellow River Laboratories, and rebuilding and revitalizing the Academy of Sciences from multiple perspectives.It reflects the progress of putting education as a priority and building a “double carrier” of higher education.This reflects the province’s high attention to people’s well-being, focusing on “one old, one young”, improving the social security system, and implementing the vivid practice of “ten thousand people helping ten thousand enterprises”.It reflects the splendid scene that the province promotes the construction of a strong culture province and makes excellent traditional culture stand out from the circle, and encourages journalists to move forward courageously towards the common goal.The New Year opens and we go on a new journey together.The year of 2022 is the year of the 20th CPC National Congress, an important year for China to march toward the second centenary goal, and a key year for Henan province to start the new journey of building socialist modernization in an all-round way.Hope the province the journalists in mind beginner’s mind mission, red inheritance gene, shoulder ‘raise flag, morale and people, culture, studies show that image’ mission, in a more steady pace, more acute Angle, more warm, with feeling good henan story by heart, good sound, show a good image of henan, henanWe will do our best to play henan’s strong voice of ‘striving for excellence’ and make greater contributions to composing a more splendid chapter of the Central Plains in the new era.I wish our great motherland prosperity, prosperity and peace.I wish all journalists and their families a happy and healthy New Year!Henan Journalists’ Association, Publicity Department of Henan Provincial Party Committee, January 30, 2022