Taobao sellers do a good job of traffic harvest plan, quickly improve the store data, directly in place

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Taobao through train promotion many novice sellers are not very good at using, some people are still in a new stage, that is, open through train just know to get new customer flow, but can not order and uncertain.So at this stage, it is necessary to consider harvesting. How should the harvesting plan of through train be opened?Follow me to find out.First of all, open the through train → report → Click the through train report → click the list of promotion plans to select the list of promotion units → select the products you want to harvest, this is the promotion unit.Click the product to enter the page and slide down → slide down to the creative list, keyword list and region list → select region list.Then select the top 10 hits or clicks in the region list. Remember, it must be the top 10. It’s up to you to choose hits or clicks.If you choose a high click-through rate, it means that the top 10 regions in your current plan are the ones with the highest conversions. Choosing click-through rate will help you improve conversions.Also, if you choose the top 10 most-clicked regions, it means that those 10 regions are the most clicked regions in your current plan.When you click on CTR, it goes from ascending to descending, which is the data from highest to lowest.After we have selected, we will copy all the top 10 regions down, and we can also choose the keyword list → in the keyword list → click input.Copy the keywords with high input-output ratios by descending the output ratio.After the region and keywords are copied down, then open through train → select promotion → click promotion plan.After entering the promotion plan, it is necessary to adjust the distribution area and platform of the current through Train, because through train wants to improve its harvest mainly by cutting all the data of the region, time, keywords and crowds that cannot run well.We now want to ensure that all regions, times, keywords, and people are highly transformed.But it won’t last long. Maybe you can only harvest for two days before the through train project collapses, so you have to get back to it immediately after the harvest.First of all, open the promotion plan → select the platform, region and time → after coming in, there is no change in the platform. We need to set the region first, which is all the high time period and high input-output ratio of the promotion unit we just saw in the past 7 days.So you don’t have to pick them all.Some friends like to choose all regions, this is true is not necessary, you only need to choose those regions with high conversion.Only select the retention that you think the conversion rate is good for.Two, put in the time because the investment time needs to be seen through the business staff, we open the business staff → real-time → real-time overview, we can choose the time, there is a time matrix, you can choose a day or a period of time.You can look at your real-time summary every day to see when inbound traffic is high. There are four charts below. The first chart is the amount paid, the second chart is the visitors, the third chart is the number of sellers paid, and the fourth chart is the specific number paid.Personally, I suggest that you can look at the specified number of payment including the payment amount, and look at the two trend tables, so that you can analyze the time point in a day when the store has the largest transaction flow or transaction amount and conversion rate.You just have to strip it down.After uncovering the open through train, set the time, this time is absolutely in the past 7 days in each day of the highest conversion period, the time generated good, region, time are all high after the transformation is to start setting keywords.Front three, keywords in into the region with the keywords, keywords can only see there than in production, you can according to the actual conversion rate of your keywords to decide, who do not have high is converted into word all stopped, stopped and then continue to open up your setting plans – observation, click on the conversion rate, which word click rate is high, the conversion rate of qualified,If the ROI is qualified for production, keep it. If not, adjust the bid for wireless terminal to 0.05 yuan, which is equivalent to stopping the word.We only open quality words, even if there are only 2-3 words, I plan to test two words, will you be surprised?Four, the selected crowd because there is no way to subdivide your crowd in the statement, the selected crowd needs everyone to observe every day, every day which selected crowd conversion rate is high, we will leave it.In general, professional riders keep two groups, the first is the high click group, which we define as suction flow, and the second is the high conversion group, which we define as reaping.Therefore, in terms of population, I suggest that we temporarily stop the recent suction flow, which is also a group with high typical characteristics, and only leave the group with a height of convert.Once you’ve done that, the idea is your main hit, but I won’t go into that.The above is a perfect through train harvest plan, but the best time is 1-2 days, after which we need to restore all the data back to the original.For example, I set today after tomorrow, yesterday’s data is to set it back, you must remember this.The figure above is the data that I measured through the above method. At first, I did not make a precise choice of region. After measuring for a period of time, I found that the data that I got was not ideal.Then through the keywords of the expansion of the word data analysis to find the crowd after the results of the word, or more satisfactory.Everyone can be executed in accordance with the above process directly, but must watch the data in the implementation process, timely stop if it is found that the results not equal to idea, this is I have been to emphasize, I share method is only suitable for some shops, after all, not all categories are tested, I’ll give you only technical problems,It’s up to you to judge whether you can make money or not.Today’s share is here, want to quickly learn shop operation friends, you can pay attention to the private message I “dry goods”, let you take some detours, have to answer questions.