Kissing the ice is not goodbye!Fan Kexin: Don’t want teammates to take “detours”

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Fan Kexin broke down in tears after winning the gold medal in the 2,000-meter mixed relay with her teammates in the first final of the Winter Olympics.Fan Kexin and her teammates won a bronze medal in the women’s 3,000-meter relay in the final shot of the Olympics, but she left with a smile.In her third trip to the Olympics, Fan kexin won a gold medal and helped the Chinese women’s team return to the Olympic podium in the 3,000-meter relay for the first time in 12 years.The former “xiao Fan” has become a “sister Fan”, but she has no plans to stop there just yet.This year marks fan’s 12th year on the national short-track speed skating team, and she has been the second leg of the women’s relay team for 12 years.Fan Kexin is the most experienced member of China’s four-man squad for the final.In the final, the Netherlands, with “all-around queen” Shulting, led almost the entire race, with South Korea, China and Canada battling for the remaining two podium spots.Going into the last three laps of the race, China was not in the lead.Fan Kexin came back to overtake the Canadian on the last lap to earn the bronze medal for China.Fan kexin was A member of the Chinese women’s relay teams in Sochi eight years ago and pyeongchang four years ago, and also competed in the Group A finals.But in both Olympic finals, the Chinese women’s team was disqualified for foul calls, leaving Fan with some bad memories.This time, Fan had no regrets in the relays, and the sochi and Pyeongchang defeats have made his place on the team more clear as a veteran.She encouraged her teammates every day before and after the games, hoping they would have no regrets in the Olympics.”Because I’ve been to the Winter Olympics twice, I know how helpless I feel in that moment, and I don’t want them to go the way I did.”Although Fan Kexin’s passing at the last moment was decisive, what she emphasized most after the race was still the role of teammates and the strength of the collective.”The five of us on the field, it’s all about doing our best.We had 27 laps in four legs and we got this result because we worked hard every single leg.”Before accepting the award, Fan kexin specially designed a “Superman appearance” for her teammates to climb the podium, because in her opinion, every girl on the team has gone beyond their limits and is a “superman”.Fan Kexin, a veteran of three Winter Olympics and the backbone of the women’s team, is the most well-known player in the women’s team, and she is also the one who is asked the most questions by reporters after the game.At this time, Fan Kexin will always push his teammates to the microphone and one by one – Qu Chunyu and Han Yutong participated in the two Winter Olympics, Zhang Yuting and Zhang Chutong is the first appearance.’Ask them!Of course, Fan kexin did not forget to mention that there are many members of the team who have not yet made it to the Olympics, but also to focus on the longer term future.”Hopefully more athletes will pick up the baton because we still have to go for gold.”Although Fan Kexin has won two relay events in this Winter Olympics, there may still be someone else she has installed a sad device.That’s because it took her three Winter Olympics to finally win gold, but as a five-time world champion in the 500 meters, she has never won a podium in an individual event at a Winter Olympics.Fan Kexin bent down to kiss the ice after the game, which was also interpreted by many viewers as “farewell”.Despite twists and turns, Fan Kexin is always positive and uplifting.What seemed like a farewell was a new beginning for Fan Kexin.When quizzed by reporters about her intentions, Fan first “clarified” that she was actually kissing the Chinese character “Beijing” on the ice, and that she was only doing it out of gratitude to her country and the ice.Then, Fan Kexin changed his tone and spoke firmly about the future.”I kissed the ice because it was a start, not retirement.”At 29, she is a veteran in short track, but Claudia Lichsteiner, a Veteran German speed skater who will turn 50 this winter, has given her the motivation to keep going.”I just turned 29, I think I still have the ability, I still love the program.As long as the national team needs me, as long as short track needs me, I will always be on this ice.”