Jac Straddle V7 won the award of “the year 2022 Trustworthy LCL Transportation Model”

2022-04-25 0 By

On February 22, 2022, in this loving day, JAC cross V7 once again with strength in the circle, in the seventh “Discover trust Chinese Truck Users survey and selection activity” won the “2022 Year trustworthy LCL transport model”.Jac ultra low TCO across V7 fuel saving 10% is well received by users, in the long-distance trunk line, LCL and other efficient logistics field shine brilliantly.The seventh session of the Discovery Trust activity focused on the needs of users, digging the scene of heavy truck customization, how to achieve lower cost and higher efficiency in the real sense of the whole operation cycle of the vehicle?At this point, users have a say.In the whole investigation, visit, selection process, the area of zero load jianghuai across V7 with a very high user reputation.Many jianghuai across V7 card friends said that in the industry shortage of goods, low freight rates in the environment, jianghuai across V7 with the strength to achieve LCL transport vehicle with reliability, efficiency and safety, to meet all the needs of card friends.Indeed, JAC across V7 as a highly scene customized model, in power matching, vehicle configuration, wind resistance optimization and other aspects of the upgrade adjustment, ultimately achieve the best effect of 10% fuel savings.One million kilometers alone can save 200,000 yuan in fuel cost, which is definitely the first choice of long-distance trunk line tractor for cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and it deserves to win the award of “The Year 2022 Trustworthy LCL Transportation Model”.LCL trunk strength preferred such as LCL, trunk working conditions, in addition to the above mentioned fuel saving 10%, Jianghuai across V7 can bring very rich experience.Exciting feeling of control.Cummins high-horsepower engine matching automatic transmission, high-speed cruising is not easy, overtaking corners is easy.International first-class power chain combined with accurate working condition adjustment to achieve the purpose of high efficiency and saving strength.Excellent ride.The low center of gravity of the long-headed car makes it more convenient to get on, and the flat floor and high roof create rich cab space;Ventilation heating massage air bag seat, original imported Ebehr air heater, 10.4 inch central control large screen, “Wisdom Leaf” voice control system, on-board WiFi, one-button start and electric air conditioning and other rich comfort configuration, more in line with the needs of card users, to create rich in-car life experience.Strong combination of long endurance and long operation concept.Jianghuai Crossing V7 follows the design concept of long oil change to reduce the number of stops and improve transportation efficiency.At the same time, the whole vehicle adopts international top commercial vehicle supply chain products, the whole vehicle is equipped with Michelin tires, WABco brake system, etc., to ensure that the reliability is always online.Such a high efficiency, low fuel consumption, light weight tractor can not only reduce operating costs, but also help card friends to improve operating income, to achieve “cost reduction and efficiency”.Jianghuai straddling V7 will continue to create more value for card friends with excellent quality and perfect service, worthy of trust!