Black futures are generally strong, steel prices rose across the board

2022-04-25 0 By

February 7, period snail 2205 contract rose strongly in the morning, noon closed 4868 up 2.18%;Futures volume 2205 contracts rose strongly in early trading and closed at 4989, up 2.21%.On February 7, iron ore 2205 contract rose strongly in early trading and closed at 825.5, up 3.51%.February 7, coking coal 2205 contract morning shock strong, midday closed 2305.5 up 1.70%;Coke 2205 contract early shock weak, afternoon closed 3000 fell 0.43%.As of press time, the main screw contract reported 4868 yuan/ton, compared with the Shanghai market 20mm three-level seismic rebar (pound price) discount of 44 yuan/ton;Rebar prices rose in 31 major cities across the country.Industry: According to Mysteel research, as of February 6, the total inventory of five varieties of steel 203.02 million tons, compared with January 27, an increase of 30.8%, compared with the Spring Festival last year decreased 27.2%;Indonesia’s government has lifted a ban on coal exports;In January, the TOP100 real estate enterprises realized the sales transaction amount of 525.6 billion yuan, the monthly performance scale decreased by nearly 40% year on year.After the first day of the festival, the steel market price to achieve a “good start”, mainly the week before the festival good news frequent, steel prices due to the market closed without much volatility, postponed to make up for after the festival.On the macro level, since the beginning of this year, many sectors have sent signals of steady growth, including moderately advanced infrastructure investment.In terms of cost, the price of raw fuel before the festival is strong, and the cost of steel production is moving up.In terms of supply and demand, the rate of steel exhaustion before the festival is slower than in previous years, the market is optimistic about the post-festival expectations, and steel futures repair base difference upward.Infrastructure investment is expected to pick up at a later stage, but we should also see slower expansion in manufacturing and a still-depressed real estate market.The Spring Festival holiday superimposed the impact of the Winter Olympics, many steel mills to implement maintenance and production reduction.During the Spring Festival, the supply and demand of the steel market is weak, and the steel inventory accumulation speed is accelerated. Later, we pay attention to the resumption of production of upstream and downstream enterprises of the steel industry chain.Disclaimer: The original and reproduced content published by Mysteel is for customers’ reference only, not for decision-making advice.The copyright of the original content belongs to Mysteel, and Mysteel reserves the right to pursue any infringement and quoting behavior contrary to the original content.The content reproduced is from the Internet for the purpose of passing on more information and facilitating learning and communication. It does not mean that Mysteel agrees with its views and is responsible for their authenticity and integrity.