A woman in Hunan province came across her pet dog, which had been missing for a year

2022-04-25 0 By

Recently, an interesting thing happened in Yueyang, Hunan Province. A woman visited her relatives during the Spring Festival and saw a stray dog on the roadside. It turned out to be the golden retriever her family had lost a year ago.According to the woman, she and her family were driving to visit relatives when they found a stray dog on the side of the road.They had already driven a long way, but thought the dog looked like a golden retriever they had lost a year earlier, so they drove back and named it 66.The dog actually answered the call and immediately climbed up to his owner’s window.The woman sees the dog’s reaction and screams: ‘It’s 66, it’s really 66.’Upon further identification, the woman discovered that it was indeed her lost pet.Within a year, the dog had been adopted and given birth to a new family.Finally, after negotiations, the new owner agreed to let the woman take both the dog and the golden retriever, and they were reunited.Later, the woman put the incident on the Internet, which also caused a lot of hot discussion among netizens.Some netizens said that the fat showed that the golden retriever had a good life with the new owner and that the dog should be left with the new owner, or at least a puppy.”I hope I don’t lose it again,” another user said. “Although it has a new owner for more than a year, it still misses the original owner. You are all very lucky.”Some netizens said that their dog was also lost, no matter whether they can meet it again in the future, they hope it is not dangerous, but also can meet a kind person, happy life in a new home.My friend’s golden hair was raised here for a year, and when it saw me, it was very enthusiastic.Later the owner took back to raise, the dog saw me did not have that enthusiasm in, so the first owner in the heart of the dog is very different.It is also a magical fate that the woman can meet the dog again. It is possible that the dog has been waiting here for its owner for a year. The world pays off and finally meets her.