116 people in one day!Hainan traffic police exposed a group of drunk driving personnel list “picture”

2022-04-25 0 By

Haikou Network on February 8 news (reporter Chen Jie) On February 8, Hainan Traffic police corps to the public on February 7, the province investigated 116 drunk driving personnel list.It is understood that in view of the phenomenon of frequent illegal and criminal acts of drunk driving throughout the province during the festival, on February 5th, the provincial Public Security Department traffic police headquarters deployed and mobilized again, taking the form of using police in different places and cross-enforcing the law, and continued to organize and carry out centralized rectification action of drunk driving in the province.Hainan traffic police will continue to expose typical drunk driving violations, criminal acts and accident cases, said a person in charge of hainan Traffic police Headquarters.The majority of drivers do not take any chances!Drunk driving will not only be investigated by traffic police, be fined, revoked driver’s license, detention, and even prison, once a traffic accident, harm others harm yourself, lifelong regret!Hainan traffic police released the list of 116 drunk drivers investigated and punished in February 7.(Photo provided by Hainan Traffic Police)