What does the car MODE button mean

2022-04-24 0 By

The MODE button is used to switch between a multimedia radio, CD, or USB flash drive.1. Generally speaking, this button is located in the center console of the car or on the steering wheel, which literally means mode to mode or direction. This button is located on the steering wheel of the car and is mainly used to adjust the multimedia system of the car.2. If the MODE button is located in the air conditioning control area of the central console, it is used to switch the air outlet MODE of the automobile air conditioner, usually in the modes of blowing feet, blowing air and blowing head.3. When using the air conditioner, press the MODE button to automatically adjust the position and wind direction of the air outlet, which is very convenient and does not need to be used frequently.4. If the vehicle uses a radio, CD or external audio source, press the MODE key on the steering wheel, and the multimedia system on the vehicle control screen will be switched, making it more convenient to use.5, the advantages of multi-functional steering wheel button: driving can directly control the electronic equipment on the car, no need to find a variety of buttons on the control screen of the car.The car can pay more attention to the front part in the driving process, which greatly improves the driving safety.