Officer Harden!Durant is looking at the wrong guy!Simmons parachuted into the nets, and Irving finally got what he wanted

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The NBA regular season continues, and the Brooklyn Nets, in their second season with the Big Three, are finally breaking up, which could have happened since Harden came to the Nets, or harden made the wrong decision.Now, in a twist, Harden went to Philadelphia, but the Nets did not lose out in the trade, the team is a new team, and Harden is once again on the road to championship, he said.Durant is looking at the wrong guy!Simmons parachuted into the nets. Kyrie finally got it!Irving Harden responds to trade, Durant you have no choice.Harden is out of the nets for now, and it’s for the best. Instead of being unhappy and under pressure in the Nets, it’s better to be in a new environment and try to win a championship.”I’m very grateful for the journey over the last two seasons,” Harden said. “I’ve had a great time here, I’ve enjoyed my teammates, AND I’m going to miss Kevin Durant and everyone else.Of course, I’m looking forward to being in a new environment with the Sixers.”Harden has made it clear to the Nets that he wants to leave.Harden is still averaging 22.5 points, 8 rebounds and 10.2 assists per game this season, but it’s clear that harden isn’t at his best. He’s still gearing up for the playoffs, and when he wants to win, he’s bound to surprise the 76ers.Now that Harden can team up with Embiid, he could help elevate this team to championship status in an instant.As for Durant, he may have misjudged Irving when he joined the Nets, and Durant didn’t expect Irving to make such a decision this season. Irving’s actions have been one of the biggest factors in harden’s desire to leave.Durant also wants every player on the team to compete for a championship, and he shares harden’s desire, but Irving’s decision is still a setback for Harden.With Durant simmons in the Nets, Irving got what he wanted.Simmons’ arrival in the Nets as part of the trade was a blessing in disguise.Even without Harden, the Nets still have championship-caliber talent, especially with The addition of Simmons, which might solve their defensive woes.Simmons’ size also allows him to play a wide variety of roles, which could greatly reduce the pressure on Durant on the defensive end.Simmons has been in talks with Durant and Kyrie Irving, who are keen to hire him.Simmons and Harden, after Harden was reported to want to leave the team, Irving admitted that he would like to see some changes.Now harden is gone after all, and irving is partly to blame.And Owen is getting what he wanted.Of course, the trade has already happened, just hope Harden can adapt to the new team soon, also hope Simmons can help Durant, the two teams swap, perhaps only in the playoffs, the Nets and the 76ers trade is right!