Lily, not only delicious, it actually has 5 functions, you do not know it?

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In recent years, time travel dramas emerge in endlessly, mostly for modern people through the ancient times, but if the reverse, the ancients through the modern, it will be very ignorant: Millet is a mobile phone, Apple is a computer, guazi is a second-hand car, lily is a marriage website.Today, we are going to talk about lilies.The lily we say here is not a marriage website, but usually eat medicinal lily, in fact, lily often appears in our daily life, such as mung bean lily soup, celery lily and so on, so say, do not feel lily is actually quite down-to-earth gas.So, how much do you know about lily besides delicious?Take two minutes to listen to yuanzhi count them out.Runfei cough some people ah, always feel dry throat, MAO MAO, can not stop to cough, cough for a long time also cough out of what phlegm.Investigate its reason, basically be caused by deficiency of lung Yin.Traditional Chinese medicine says ah, lung xi Run do not dry.The lungs like moist conditions and dislike dry conditions.Traditional Chinese medicine also says that the throat is the gateway to the lung, the lung Yin is insufficient, the throat is naturally dry.In addition, Yin is insufficient, where does phlegm come?Lily sweet, slightly cold, moist, the main lung, long in nourishing Yin run lung and play cough effect.”Programmatic collection” : “Clear phlegm fire, fill deficiency damage.””Shanghai common Chinese herbal medicine” : “cure lung heat cough, dry cough cough.”Lily is often used with colundum flower, for the treatment of hot cough, phlegm with blood disease;Some people may cough for a long time because their lungs are weak. They can grab a handful of lily and add raw ground, radix scrophulariae and fritillaria fritillariae. The curative effect is very good.Some people, the cold and cough on weekdays do not think of it, think it will not be long to recover, but the more serious drag, can not withstand the disease aggravation, helpless to go to the hospital, to the hospital to do an examination, the doctor told is pneumonia.In traditional Chinese medicine, it is called “carbuncle”.The introduction to Medicine says lily, “cure lung impotence, lung carbuncle.”Lily and lung carbuncle important medicine houttuynia, the effect is more.Houttuynia cordata for clearing heat and removing trouble as mentioned above, lily is sweet and cold, sweet performance is slow, cold can clear heat and enter the heart meridian.Therefore, lily power good heat in addition to trouble, if you want a better effect, can add gardenia, clear three coke heat and in addition to trouble.”Common Chinese Herbal medicine in Shanghai” : “After fever, deficiency heat, irritability.”Some people sleep well at night, obviously very tired, but lying in bed, is to toss and turn to sleep, full of mind is the day down what happened, or thinking about tomorrow.Chinese medicine thinks ah, the heart Lord god, the heart hidden god, we think, if the heart is restless, how can sleep until dawn?Besides, if you don’t sleep well at night, you will naturally be less alert during the day and less productive at work.Lily into the heart meridian, long in nourishing the mind and calming the mind, often used with the bosom friend, improve insomnia and dream.”Rihua zi Materia Medica” : “peace of mind, courage, yizhi, raise the five zang.”Lily zhimu qingxin calm in traditional Chinese medicine ah, there is a disease called lily disease, the main symptoms for more absentminded, uncertain spirit.Because its cure is given priority to with lily, reason name lily disease.”Synopsis of the Golden chamber” : “lily disease, 100 pulse a case, learn to send its disease also.Want to eat, can not eat, often silent, want to lie can not lie, want to do can not do;Eating or have good time, or do not smell the smell of food;Such as cold without cold, such as heat without heat;Bitter mouth, urine red;All drugs can not cure, the medicine is dramatic tuli.If there is a spirit, and the body is like harmony, its pulse is slight.”According to Traditional Chinese medicine, the lung is toward 100 veins.Deficiency of lung Yin, then baimai body fluid are dry and cause baimai all disease.Therefore, the cause of lily disease is deficiency of lung Yin.At this time, the body will appear a variety of body fluid deficiency syndrome, such as clearly have a good appetite to eat, but even the taste of food can not smell, a smell of nausea;Or when you want to move around, but feel your limbs are too heavy and limp to move anywhere.For example, the body seems to be afraid of cold but not afraid of cold, as if a little afraid of heat but in fact not very hot, coupled with depression, can not sleep well.Sometimes, my mouth is bitter and my urine is yellow.At this time might as well use some lily, add raw ground, zhimu and other medicinal materials to nourish Yin shengjin, lung Yin sufficient, all have lung Yin to support, what disease?”Bencao Yan meaning” : “cure typhoid after bad lily disease.”Lily simply speaking, lily nourishing lung Yin, peace of mind, is a good medicine for heart and lung, and also for medicine and food of the same origin.To nourish the mind and calm the mind, can be used;And to moisten the lung and nourish Yin, when the honey after sunburn medicine, the effect is better.However, lily is slightly cold, so it should be used with caution in patients with wind chill, cough, or loose stools with mid-coke deficiency.