Ice and snow tourism is full of enthusiasm

2022-04-24 0 By

Liu Lu Lu Xinyu, reporter of Chengdu Daily Although the Spring Festival holiday has come to an end, the effect of the Winter Olympics continues, and the popularity of ice and snow tourism is not reduced.Yesterday, xiling snow mountain reservation volume again reached the upper limit.”Guailing snow resort with the same style” jianfeng dry snow resort flow continues to rise.Early yesterday morning, the Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Area issued a warm reminder that the reservation volume of Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Area has reached the upper limit: As of 8:30, the reservation volume of xiling Snow Mountain scenic area has reached the upper limit of epidemic prevention and control.In order to ensure the safety and quality of tourists, the scenic area takes measures to limit the flow.It is understood that all hotels in xiling Snow Mountain scenic area this weekend have been fully booked two weeks in advance.Not only that, the scenic area near the gate of the hotel, farmhouse are also full.The reason why there will be a big holiday after the ice and snow tourism heat is not reduced, the relevant person in charge of the scenic area said that in January this year, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the first 12 national ski tourism resort, Xiling Snow Mountain ski resort became the only selected national ski tourism resort in southern China.In addition, during the Spring Festival, Xiling Snow Mountain on two consecutive CCTV winter Olympics special programs.In addition, at the end of last year, the state approved the establishment of the giant panda national park, Xiling Snow Mountain scenic area belongs to the scope.All these make more tourists know chengdu Xiling Snow Mountain as the leading position of ice and snow tourism in south China.Yesterday, Chengdu Xindu Jianfeng dry snow four seasons ski resort also attracted a large number of skiers.Tu, manager of the Xindu Jianxifeng Dry snow Four Seasons Ski resort, told reporters: “This weekend, the number of people at the ski resort increased significantly.According to the data, the average number of daily public skiers in February 2022 was 210, compared to the average of 68 in 2021, an increase of 200%.”It is reported that after Gu Ailing won the gold medal on February 8, chengdu Xindu Jianfeng Dry snow Four Seasons ski resort, which conducted pre-race training, also quickly gained people’s attention. The search heat of the ski resort on the travel platform increased to 15 times of normal days in real time.Editor in charge: Liu Hanyue