Huang jianxiang said the men’s soccer team deserved to be blamed by the Chinese people, and the women’s soccer team should receive the same bonuses as the men’s soccer team

2022-04-24 0 By

Shui Qingxia led the Chinese women’s soccer team to a regular season draw with Japan before winning on penalties.In sharp contrast to the women’s team, the men’s team lost 3-1 to Vietnam, which entered the World Cup qualifier for the first time.Huang Jianxiang believes that men’s football is the most lack of fighting spirit, the majority of fans scolded into a dog is to blame.In the whole game did not show their own characteristics on the field, so that the fans can not see the spirit.Huang went on to stress that the men’s team should be treated the same way as the women’s team, which can get 6 million yuan in prize money for a win.There is nothing wrong with that. The salary of women’s football is more than ten thousand.Now the maximum salary of men’s football players is 5 million yuan, the first two years is huge, always tens of millions, tens of millions, transfer fee is up to hundreds of millions.A few years ago, the salary of women’s soccer team was exposed to only several thousand yuan, and there is no difference between working to make money.To some extent, it has also affected the selection of women’s football.Several very good players left because of low pay, plus too much tanning during game practice.If the annual salary of the women’s football team is around one million yuan, it is believed that the overall strength of the women’s football team can be further improved and the development of women’s football can be more mobilized.But in fact, the income difference between male pigs and female pigs is so large that it can only be expressed as a great disparity.To be more precise, the salary of the women’s football team members is sorry for their contribution, while the contribution of the men’s football team members is sorry for their salary. This is a realistic contradiction in Chinese football at present.